Fully In-ground: 6 Endless Pools with a Serious Wow Factor

The Endless Pools® Original Series pools let you enjoy incredible freedom with your installation options. For the most sensational results, many owners of our signature modular pool opt for a fully in-ground installation. With these six striking photos, it's easy to see why!

Of course, the most cost-efficient and hassle-free installation remains the aboveground pool. The many benefits of a fully in-ground pool, however – the clean lines, the spacious feeling, the open view – can make it well worth the one-time investment.

These six Endless Pools installations demonstrate just a few of the inspiring possibilities for an in-ground installation.

In this home addition, you can swim all year round … in Rochester, New York. By installing this Original pool fully in-ground, the owners make the most of the glass walls, with an unobstructed view and natural light from all sides. Plus, the glass ceiling doubles as a mirror for this backstroke swimmer!

 For an in-ground look with no excavation, the homeowners installed this Endless Pools Original model aboveground and built the deck up on three sides. With a beautiful view of Lake Washington – where the water rarely gets above 65° F! – they can swim in place comfortably and with peace of mind in the pool's warm, shallow water.

With this lush arbor view, who wants to look at the side of a pool? The fully in-ground installation on this Endless Pools Performance pool retains this conservatory's spacious feel. The Performance model delivers a wider, deeper, smoother swim current, with a faster top speed, than our Original.

Imagine taking in this grand Colorado landscape after you emerge from a swim! Since there's no shortage of space, this Endless Pools Original Series model was customized to 10' x 16'. Unseen, the below-deck Automatic Security Cover closes to prevent unwanted access from debris, critters, and children.

With this Endless Pools model fully in-ground, this pool enclosure can keep a low profile too! It's an affordable way to swim all year round – the compact pool requires less energy to heat, and you can even swim under the enclosure. With the privacy fence and surrounding trees, the neighbors may never know the pool is even there!

 Pull up a chaise: this Original pool doubles as a reflecting pond underneath the Arizona sky. The glare keeps you from seeing to the bottom of the pool; there, the Underwater Treadmill lets you walk or run without the pounding you'd get on dry land.

To explore locations and installation options for your Endless Pools Original Series pool, take our online Home Tour.

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