6 Family Pools for 2 (or More)

The Endless Pools® Dual Propulsion pool lets families play together and stay together.

Extended families, time-strapped professionals, and competitive couples – they all love the Endless Pools Dual Propulsion pool! Our Dual pool features two of our signature adjustable currents side by side. Each is independently controlled so two people can swim, each at their own chosen pace.

The extra space and second adjustable current make our Commercial Dual Propulsion pool popular with physical therapy clinics and fitness centers. Of course, many homeowners want the same convenience for their indoor or backyard pools.

These six Endless Pools models show the possibilities and versatility of our Dual pool for swimming, therapy, fun, and fitness for the whole family!

Al and Jo are triathletes in the Florida Panhandle. With the Endless Pools Dual pool, they swim side by side. Our adjustable current is very popular for triathlon training as it so closely simulates the feel of open water conditions. Beneath Al and Jo are two of our underwater mirrors, which let them observe every detail of their swim technique for real-time improvements.

He’s a National Sales Manager, she’s a Financial Planner and author. With those busy schedules, they don’t want to wait for a swim or aquatic workout. With their 14-foot by 15-foot Endless Pools Dual Propulsion model, they don’t have to! This pool was first installed back in 2008, and it’s still up and running for fitness and family fun with their five grandchildren.

The water sparkles when the sunlight hits the water of this Dual pool! The light reflections make it hard to see that this pool features two of our exclusive Underwater Treadmills. Ideal for low-impact running, jogging, and cross-training, our treadmill suits pools with added depth. In this 54-inch deep model, the pool owners get total-body resistance from the water.

This home gym is on an upper level of this San Fernando Valley home. Extra engineering is required for pools above the ground floor, but upstairs pools and rooftop pools can be a smart use of space and offer striking views. This knockout home gym pool features our Automatic Security Cover, which installs below the pool deck for the most polished look. Also below surface level: two of our exclusive Underwater Treadmills for low-impact running, jogging, and cross-training.

In this Dual Propulsion pool, Paul swims, his teenage daughter stays active, and they can relax and play when his brother’s family visits! Installed partially in-ground in this St. Louis backyard, Paul opted for a custom telescopic pool enclosure. It provides easy coverage, and its domed cover allows for swimming even in less pleasant weather.

This stunning sunroom pool lets two retirees in Atlanta stay active together. They installed their new Endless Pools Dual model fully aboveground (no excavation!) then built up their home addition around it. In action since 2010, this pool lets them swim and enjoy low-impact aquatic aerobics with a beautiful garden view. After they limber up, they’re just steps from their kitchenette for a healthy snack!

To plan your own Dual Propulsion pool, you can use the Endless Pools 3D Pool Builder to mix and match options, move your pool indoors or out, and get a custom visualization with every change!

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