Amplify their fitness ambitions with aquatic workouts

Offer a big fitness experience inside a small footprint.

Build aquatic options into your fitness environment.

Aquatic fitness workouts deliver faster recoveries and results-oriented low-impact workouts. That’s why Endless Pools® offers custom configurations that adapt to fitness centers big and small. With our space-saving pools, we make it easy to keep your clients satisfied by providing access to with versatile aquatic fitness options at a surprisingly low cost.

Boost the benefits inside any fitness setting.

For gyms, our pools help boost retention and differentiate you within the market. In hotels, Endless Pools offers an attractive, distinctive perk with a customizable aesthetic. Inside corporate wellness centers, adding aquatic fitness options to your employees helps lower your healthcare costs and enhance productivity.

Pack a powerful workout into a small footprint.

Our signature current will keep people moving as they swim in place, and it all happens within a footprint as small as 9' by 14'. Our exclusive Underwater Treadmill provides the unique opportunity to jog or run inside the water, for minimal impact and 360-degrees of resistance. Our pools keep the enthusiasm flowing for all fitness enthusiasts.

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