The Commercial Dual Propulsion Pool

Upgrade to small group sessions

Product Introduction

For trainers and therapists, having the ability to host small group sessions expands both their reach and their billing opportunities. For their clients, it brings the ability to directly interact with a hands-on professional. With Endless Pools® Dual Propulsion model, you can attract new clients and engage existing ones with small group aquatic training.

Ideal for physical therapy facilities, swim studios, and health clubs, the Dual Propulsion model boasts side-by-side currents for resistance training and swimming. Its expanded size makes it perfect for small-group aqua-aerobics or for multiple aquatic therapy sessions at one time.

The Dual Propulsion model features all of the customization options and adjustable current settings that our Original model offers. What it adds to the equation is the opportunity to increase revenue while serving more of your most profitable clientele.

Product Applications

Residential Development
Canine Therapy
Physical Therapy

Product Uses

Small-Group Fitness
Swim Training
Aqua-Aerobics Classes
Triathlon Training
Physical Therapy Sessions
Commercial Fitness Centers
Community Fitness Centers

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13'x14' water area standard, customizable from 13'x13' to 16'x16’
60-mil., PVC-reinforced Vinyl with with Treaded Floor, Acrylic Return Channels
Water Depth
39” (standard) 45” & 51” (optional) Custom/multiple depths available
Current Type
Endless Pools® Original Current (available in Platinum or Sapphire housing) x2
Durable Cabinet/Coping options or Customizable with locally sourced materials
Water Care
Commercial Grade Water Quality System (0.75 HP, 3-hour average turnover rate)
Optional x2
Water Capacity
4,500 to 7,200 gallons
Modular Steel & Reinforced Acrylic
Exercise Equipment Options
Underwater Treadmill, Aquabike, Swim & Floor Mirrors
Hydromassage Jets
Optional with custom placement
4000 watt
Additional Options
Endless Pools® Fit@Home Wifi Kit & Mobile App, Accessibility Features
Optional underwater LEDs with custom placement
Electrical Requirements
220v/30amp single-phase x2

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