A Pool for All Seasons

Endless Pools® are a Practical, All-Weather Option for Homeowners

Many homeowners dream of owning their own pool. They picture themselves staying fit by exercising, entertaining around the pool, and relaxing in a calm retreat where the whole family can spend time together. While there are numerous benefits to investing in a pool, in many places swim season is limited to the warm summer months. In these areas, owners of traditional in-ground pools are lucky to be able to swim four months of the year without paying to heat their pool. That fact causes many to second-guess their goal of pool ownership.

Here's some good news! You don’t have to give up on your dream pool, and swim season doesn’t have to end when the temperature drops. Endless Pools offers a variety of models and options that make it possible to experience the benefits of an at-home pool all year long.

Inside or Outside, Endless Pools Offer a Cost-Effective, Practical Solution

While in-ground pools take up a lot of space and are expensive to keep warm in cold weather, Endless Pools models are compact and can be equipped with insulating covers to lock in heat, making them more cost effective to keep warm.

For added versatility, Endless Pools offers a variety of models that can be installed indoors or outdoors. An indoor pool room might seem like a luxury, but compact models like our Original Series, WaterWell®, and Streamline® pools can be a cost effective and practical solution for a basement, game-room, indoor spa, or covered patio.

For years, Leland and Wendy of Spokane, Washington exercised daily in their basement Original model. Now, they’re designing their new home to include their second indoor Endless Pools purchase, this time an E550 swim spa.

“We dreamed of having an indoor pool for several years, and when we started a renovation project for our basement in 2010, we designed it around an Endless Pools [Original] model. We have never regretted it, and at least one of us has used it almost every day since. So, when we decided to build a new home last year, we again designed it to include an indoor Endless Pools [E550]. We even had to install it before the house was fully framed, and our new neighbors quickly became curious and then envious. We're hoping to live out our retirement years getting wet and healthy.”

Bert had a list of reasons for installing an Endless Pools Original model in the basement of his South Carolina home. His property is deep in the woods, but with an indoor pool, leaves and debris are never an issue. He also appreciates the convenience and privacy of his basement pool room, but most important is the fact that his Endless Pools retreat is always comfortable and accessible, through South Carolina's blistering heat waves to its rare snowfalls.

"I can swim 365 (days a year) indoors...it did snow this winter, and I went swimming!"

Whether they install their pool inside or outside, Endless Pools owners love the fact that they can enjoy their pools all year long. Muge wanted a pool she could use every day, even in the cold Indiana winter months. An R200 swim spa provided the solution she was searching for.

“I always wanted to have a pool but worried about the short season and the upkeep. I wanted to swim 365 days of the year... I started searching for year-round pools and discovered Endless Pools. Such an amazing idea! Ordered mine right away and have been using it almost daily since then. I not only get to swim everyday but also relax in the lounge area. It has been the BEST purchase of my life.”

When Grandkids Visit, Endless Pools Provide All-Season Fun!

When family visits, a pool can be the perfect way to keep the kids happy and entertained. Even in the coldest months, Christine from Berlin, New Jersey exercises in her R200 swim spa, and it’s a huge hit with her grandkids, too!

“As much as I'd like to have a pool, living in South Jersey means maybe 2-3 months of use. My 8 grandchildren have always loved my hot tub, even in the summer, but it certainly didn't take the place of a pool. With an Endless Pools swim spa, I could do my exercises any time of the day or night, relax to music with or without the jets, float, and even swim in place. Three of my grandchildren visited me in February and didn't want to get out of it - they love this pool! My R200 is actually better than a regular pool - it sits on my patio, can be used year-round, has seats with jets plus a current to swim against, a terrific sound system, colorful lights, and is plenty spacious enough for my family. I only wish I had gotten one sooner.”

Aquatic Therapy Available All Year Long, From the Comfort of Home

Water-based therapy and exercise offers many advantages. The natural resistance of water provides a challenging, low-impact workout. Warm water helps relax muscles and increases blood flow to muscles and joints, helping to safely improve flexibility and range of motion. Of course, the best exercise routine is one you stick with. The convenience of an at-home pool, combined with the ability to use it year-round, supports a healthy, active lifestyle.

Angela from Roanoak, Illinois shares how her E700 swim spa helps her exercise safely, all year long.

“Because I have arthritis, I needed a way to exercise that didn’t cause more joint pain. My E700 has made this possible. I especially like the swim machine. I can set it to whatever pace I want. I can walk, run or swim and not worry about joint damage. I used it all winter as well. And it is just so fun.”

Barbara depends on her Endless Pools Elite pool to keep her moving, despite her bad knees. While pain limits her ability to exercise on land, the buoyancy of water takes weight off of her joints, allowing for pain-free movement and exercise.

She considered her decision carefully, "I'd been debating it for a couple of years, whether I wanted to get a regular pool or an Endless Pool," she recalls. Ultimately, our modular construction and compact design swayed her. "I wanted it to be indoors so I could use it all year."

Endless Pools offers homeowners a variety of models and options that can be installed indoors or outside, and enjoyed all year round. Explore our product page to find a solution that’s perfect for you.

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