6 Pool Enclosures with Endless Pools® Models (Photos)

The open-air feel of a backyard pool. The protection from the elements offered by an indoor pool. Pool enclosures are designed to give you the best of both worlds.

Both Endless Pools Original Series models and Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spas can be enclosed. Depending on your climate and heating budget, a pool enclosure can help you extend your pool season to nine or even 12 months out of the year.

The pool is open! This fully in-ground Endless Pools Original model has a telescopic pool enclosure. If it weren't a sunny day, the enclosure would provide coverage for a swim, workout, or relaxing float. Endless Pools provides a range of pool access options, the steps and rails visible at the lower left.

Advantages of a Pool Enclosure

In addition to protection from the elements, pool enclosures give you a broad range of other benefits. A pool enclosure simplifies pool maintenance by providing coverage from debris. You'll also gain protection from mosquitoes and UV rays.

As you can see, this low-profile pool enclosure still provides room to swim beneath its cover. The Endless Pools current lets this pool owner swim in place or, if he wants low-impact aquatic exercise, get extra resistance by standing in front of the moving waters.

While they don't provide as much insulation as the walls of a pool house, a pool enclosure does keep a noticeable amount of heat in. That helps to lower heating costs. For your peace of mind, your pool enclosure will also serve as a lockable barrier against unwanted access by children, pets, and critters.

With the compact footprint of every Endless Pools model, your swimming pool enclosure can be smaller and more affordable than one for a traditional backyard pool. Or use a full-size pool enclosure with high walls, allowing the extra space to create a multi-use sunroom for your family.

Some pool enclosures are more elaborate than others! In this yard, the Endless Pools Fitness System E500 swim spa has been installed aboveground on a platform, with the enclosure creating an elevated access for a partially in-ground feel. It's a distinctive, year-round addition to this lovely home.

Types of Pool Enclosures

Many readily available pool enclosure options can enhance your experience and expand your pool access in any climate.

One popular type is the retractable or telescopic pool enclosure. With a retractable pool enclosure, you can open it up in pleasant weather and then cover your pool when conditions demand. Some retractable pool enclosures feature push-button convenience to cover or uncover your pool.

This pool enclosure feels like a greenhouse or pool sunroom. It provides plenty of space for entertaining, seating, and a container garden. On pleasant days, the windows can be opened to let a breeze blow across your back while you swim with the Endless Pools Performance current.

Telescopic pool enclosures come in two types. You can choose a model with high walls for an easy-to-navigate space, or a low-profile pool enclosure for the same protection without altering your yard's view. You may be able to swim and enjoy the pool while your low-profile telescopic enclosure is fully extended, though you won't be able to stand up without retracting it.

An alternative pool enclosure type attaches to your house. Essentially, the enclosure is a prefabricated sunroom addition, so you can enter your new room (i.e. the pool enclosure) directly from your home in any weather.

This low-line pool enclosure is lower than the stockade fence! That keeps this fully in-ground Endless Pools Original Series pool out of sight and keeps the sight lines open for a pleasant, unobstructed tree-lined view.

Sturdier pool sheds can be purchased or customized. These pool sheds are designed to fit the pool with just a little room to move. They offer better weather protection for a longer pool season. Some of these pool enclosures feature wide doors to open in warm weather.

Endless Pools does not manufacture pool enclosures, prefab sunroom additions, or pool sheds. These companies have experience installing swimming pool enclosures over Endless Pools.**

From water level, this low pool enclosure looks like a grand dome! It's extra wide to cover this Endless Pools Dual Propulsion model, which features two adjustable currents for side-by-side swimming, fitness, and fun.

Take a video tour of this pool shed, with bi-fold doors and a closet for remote component and supply storage. It's a clever way of creating a 12-month pool season in foggy London Town!

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