7 Sunroom Pools from Endless Pools® (photos)

Enjoy a year-round, all-weather pool season, even in your existing sunroom.

Imagine looking up from a warm-water swim to see snow falling. Or watching your kids enjoy active pool playtime in view of fiery autumn leaves. Or a vigorous aquatic workout with the sunrise warming your neck, followed hours later by a relaxing hydromassage under a full moon.

Glorious sunlight and an expansive view – this makes a wonderful room for a swim. With this sunroom installation, he has year-round pool access, day or night, on demand.

Sunrooms can make a stunning location for any Endless Pools model. Our Original Series pools can be installed indoors in existing rooms, and our swim spa line, called Endless Pools Fitness Systems, work with new construction or in existing rooms with doors wider than 58 inches. Your sunroom pool can be enjoyed year-round, day or night.

Advantages of a Sunroom Pool

First of all, there's the view. Yes, you can have a great view from a backyard pool, but that's only for a few months out of the year in most climates. With a sunroom pool, you can enjoy a 12-month pool season in full view of the elements.

With snow on the ground, the water feels even warmer! Every Endless Pools model comes standard with an energy-efficient heater. You can insulate the cabinet and opt for an insulated cover to conserve heat and control humidity.

Existing sunrooms can be an inexpensive option for one of our Original Series pools. The standard footprint is about 9 feet by 16 feet, and you can corner your pool as maintenance requires access to only one side.

The abundant light in a sunroom lets you create an attractive, private indoor pool. All Endless Pools models have low-chlorine water purification; customers tell us that their guests can never detect that they have an indoor pool! And our secure covers make humidity control very simple.

Endless Pools' Original Series give you the option for underwater lights, and our swim spas, called Endless Pools Fitness Systems, come standard with them. It makes for a beautiful waterscape after dark.

Considerations for your Sunroom Pool

Every Endless Pools model is free-standing. That gives you the freedom to install your pool fully above-ground, fully in-ground, or partially in-ground.

A fully in-ground pool requires more planning and the expense of excavation. As you can see in this gorgeous Connecticut solarium, it can be well worth the effort, if it's within your budget. This pool uses the Endless Pools automatic retractable cover; it's hidden below deck for a seamless appearance and opens and closes with the turn of a key.

Above-ground pools are the easiest, particularly in a space that already has a cement pad, such as a garage. You then need to account for stairs to access your indoor pool. Indoors, be aware of your ceiling's height relative to the pool's.

The abundant natural light surrounding a sunroom pool makes it easy to take great photos! You can create memories and shareable moments with clear, vibrant shots of your kids, grandkids, and friends.

Some excavation is required for a partially in-ground pool, and for the extra cost, you get unobstructed sight lines and the easiest access in and out of your pool. The pool's perimeter shelf, called the coping, can then provide bench seating for you and your loved ones.

New England has short pool seasons. An indoor Endless Pools installation gives you 12-month access to fun, fitness, therapy, swimming, and relaxation. And when conditions are just right, you get the most majestic view from your indoor pool!
We know – not everyone can afford to convert an old barn into an inviting, sun-filled pool house. If that is in your budget, though, Endless Pools has space-saving, versatile models that adapt to virtually any space.

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