Give your clients faster relief with hydrotherapy.

Activate new therapeutic possibilities while strengthening your profitability.

Provide a physical game-changer for those who are struggling with injury and pain.

Regular aquatic therapy is a proven source of relief for many who suffer from painful physical ailments. The natural properties of water create a therapeutic environment where they can make progress with fluid, low-impact movement. Aquatic therapy is a powerful tool for injury rehabilitation, lower back ailments, and balance/fall prevention. Endless Pools® therapy can improve the quality of life and alleviate symptoms for patients struggling with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions.

Open up safe, new avenues of activity.

Many patients who cannot exercise on dry land due to chronic pain or obesity feel liberated when they move in the water. Our signature current provides enjoyable buoyancy, 360-degree resistance, and hydrostatic pressure. It has the power to change the lives of people in need of physical therapy.

Expand your capabilities along with your revenue.

Ideal for existing and leased spaces, our customizable hydrotherapy pools open up new, in-demand revenue streams. From our exclusive Underwater Treadmill and adjustable current to our accessibility options, Endless Pools delivers for your clients, your practice, and your bottom line.

Success Story

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, Yuma, AZ

Carl Malmquist founded Quality Rehabilitation Network in Yuma, Arizona, in 2001. "I always knew the importance of aquatic therapy," he recalls, and that's why he added Endless Pools Dual Propulsion models to three of QRN's four locations. "In the pool, we can treat every ailment or diagnosis there is," and the income helped position QRN for success. In 2018, Carl transitioned to being a franchisee of FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, the fastest-growing PT system in the United States.


  • Return on Investment achieved in the first year of pool ownership.

  • Over 20,000 sessions in the Endless Pools Dual Propulsion model in the first two years.

  • Helped position the business for a successful transition from independent ownership to national franchisee.


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