6 Above-Ground Backyard Pools from Endless Pools®

Traditional backyard pool, meet the non-traditional backyard pool. Endless Pools has customizable models that let you recreate the pool experiences of your childhood, with some significant updates!

With Endless Pools Original Series models or Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spas, you'll save space in your yard for gardening, seating, dining, and just hanging out. Our models use significantly less water, fewer chemicals, less energy to heat, and much less time to maintain.

This above-ground Endless Pools Original model makes clever use of the limited space. The pool skirting has a classic simplicity that coordinates with the benches, that also function as stairs. The container garden adds a few welcome splashes of green.

With our signature current, you'll also enjoy a premium swim experience with no flip turns. The Endless Pools current gives you more options for pool workouts and active playtime. So yes, it's just like the pools of your youth, only brought into a new era of convenience and versatility.

Advantages of an Above-Ground Backyard Pool

Most Endless Pools models can be installed in-ground, partially in-ground, or above-ground. If your pool planning goals include simplicity and cost-efficiency, then an above-ground backyard pool should be high on your list of pool installation types. For handy homeowners planning a DIY pool installation, the open space of your backyard helps to make it easier.

Don't let the name fool you: The RecSport® Recreation System R500 delivers a lot more than just fitness. While this 15-foot swim spa has great workout features, it also lets kids enjoy active fun. Or have a daytime pool party, then unwind after dark in the hydromassage seats.

Your backyard pool will bring back memories of pool parties past, with the Endless Pools difference: options for uninterrupted swimming, aquatic therapy, and low-impact exercise. The compact size – the typical Endless Pools model only has about 2,800 gallons of water – can put heating costs within reach for a three- or four-season pool, depending on your climate and budget.

Considerations for your Backyard Pool

When doing your backyard pool planning, keep in mind that our Original Series pools can be super-insulated, conserving heat and helping to contain your energy costs. Insulation comes standard with our Endless Pools Fitness Systems line of swim spas; their cabinets all feature our three-layer Tri-Thermic® Barrier System of insulation.

These homeowners did some smart budgeting for their pool design. First, they installed their Endless Pools model fully above-ground. Then they skirted it in affordable cedar shakes, which are attractive, durable, insulating, and resistant to moisture and rot.

Be sure to consider your pool cover or swim spa cover in your backyard pool design. Your dedicated Product Specialist can suggest the best pool cover for your installation, users, and climate.

Your above-ground backyard pool will need a level concrete pad. All Endless Pools models (except our Streamline® pool) are versatile for all three pool installation types.

Now this is some smart pool planning: They cornered their Endless Pools High Performance model into the patio. It gives them the sharp look and easy access of a partially in-ground pool with no excavation.

Your above-ground pool planning must consider your entries and exits. Endless Pools offers a few exterior stair options. If your pool design features custom skirting, consider building stairs from the same material for a uniform look.

You can also position your pool next to a new or existing deck, porch, or landing. You'll get the look and functionality of a fully or partially in-ground pool without the cost and mess of excavation.

Make room in your pool planning for our Underwater Treadmill; you can run, jog, or walk in water with minimal impact on your knees and back. The Endless Pools Fitness System E2000 swim spa features separate swim/fitness and spa areas, each with independent temperature control.

When creating your above-ground backyard pool plans, feel free to dream big. Then explore how you can make your pool design a reality with a free consultation from a Product Specialist and drawings from Endless Pools' staff architects and engineers.

Stacked-stone skirting gives this Endless Pools model an organic vibe that suits this efficient patio. There's room for lounging, cooking, dining, and of course, pool fun. When the guests leave, you have a convenient spot for low-impact exercise and uninterrupted swimming.

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