Pool Cover Options

Protect Your Family, Your Home, and Your Pool

Endless Pools offers a range of pool covers to give you peace of mind.

For indoor Endless Pools installations, our pool covers are designed to keep kids and pets out, while trapping heat and humidity in. Outdoors, a secure pool cover protects neighborhood children and critters, while keeping the water free of leaves and other debris.

Our Manual Pool Cover easily retracts onto a roller at one end of the pool. This pool cover controls 95% of the humidity and can be locked shut for added security.

Our Automatic Pool Cover gives you turn-key convenience and the most polished look. This premium pool cover is ideal if you have any mobility/strength limitations, or simply if you prioritize speed and convenience.

All of our pool covers meet stringent ASTM F1346 safety standards and come in your choice of color. For outdoor installations, we offer a pool cover pump to remove any rainwater that collects on the pool cover.

Questions about which pool cover would work best for your Endless Pools model? Our Design Representatives have a wealth of experience in customizing the perfect pool for you, your home, and your loved ones.

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