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How to Prepare Your Endless Pools® Site

Every Dream Needs a Foundation

Yes, our pools can be showpieces in any home! Customers have created stunning Endless Pools installations featured in architectural magazines to the most modest of garage installations. All you really need to prepare your Endless Pools site is:

  • A solid, level surface

  • A 30-amp electric service, the same as for a clothes dryer*

  • An empty space at least 24" wider and 36" longer than the inside dimensions of the pool*

*Power requirements may increase depending on your selected pool options. Space requirements may be impacted by the type of installation (e.g. in-ground, above-ground) that you choose. 

The Fits-Almost-Anywhere Pool

Onsite assembly means that you set up your modular pool outside or indoors. Imagine a year-round pool season in your sunroom, basement, or garage! Every pool component can be walked through a standard doorway or down stairs.

Traditional backyard pools are, of course, an option, as are upper-floor and rooftop pools – just ask your Product Specialist about any additional engineering requirements.

Fill ‘er Up!

Our pools have no connection to household plumbing. You fill the pool with a garden hose and change the water every year or two. Our closed-loop plumbing system automatically pumps water through a filter, heater, and mineral purification system, and then returns it to the pool.

What Goes Where?

The pool’s heating/filtration equipment are typically installed at the front of the pool, fully inside the cabinet. For maintenance, that’s the only side you’ll need to access. If you opt for hydromassage jets or underwater lights, you’ll need access to their pool wall(s) as well.

The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is usually located near your electric service. It requires a single 30-amp, 220-volt, GFCI service. Flexible hydraulic hoses connect the HPU to the pool. We include enough for a 25-foot distance, though you may choose up to 75 feet.

For fully in-ground installations where the pool is backfilled, a pit needs to be created for equipment access. A sump for water removal is prudent with this configuration.

More Site Planning Questions?

Speak with a Product Specialist by calling (866) 558-7946 or schedule a call convenient for you.