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Nine photos that show how our pools deliver a lifetime of fitness and memories

Good physical and mental wellbeing are journeys that last a lifetime. We’ve all been spending more time at home since early 2020, so how we pursue those goals has changed a lot. Increasingly, people want options for aquatic fitness at home, and they’re turning to Endless Pools.

We’ve built a reputation for offering the best value in the industry. That’s a major reason why demand for our products has skyrocketed as people spend unprecedented amounts of time at home. Our customers trust Endless Pools; founded in 1988, our pools have been installed in over 100 countries. The company’s stability is as much a part of our value as our signature adjustable current!

You can make your wellness journey easier and more enjoyable with any model from Endless Pools. If you’re thinking of bringing one of our world-class pools or swim spas to your home, here are a few things to consider as you make this big decision.

It's an Investment for the Whole Family

Endless Pools customers find that their whole family enjoys their pool or swim spa and for a variety of reasons. (It’s not just for swimming).

Jim is working toward his weight loss goals in the Original pool under this spectacular sunroom in his Iowa home. His wife manages her multiple sclerosis symptoms, and his daughter swims whenever she visits. See more of his stunning pool room.

Chris added a pool room to his house. He uses it for triathlon training, his wife for therapy exercises, his daughters for fun, and his son on the autism spectrum has a quiet, controlled environment to learn life-saving water-safety skills. See every phase of his home addition.

In this pool house in the UK, Judy manages her arthritis symptoms, her son and daughter-in-law use the swim current for triathlon training, and the grandkids play a game called “Mermaid School”! See more of her award-winning pool house.

It’s an Investment in Your Future

Endless Pools products are built to last. Our customers use their pools for many years.

Chris installed his Original pool in 2006. He’s used it ever since for endurance and triathlon training. Hear more about Chris’ pool and his training.

Linda taught all of her granddaughters to swim in the Endless Pools Original Series pool she first installed in 1999. Read why she calls her pool “my most prized possession.”

From 1993 to 2018, Ed and Helen used their pool for arthritis therapy and pain relief. After 25 years, they chose to invest in a new Endless Pools model. Discover why they stepped up to our newer technology.

A Pool for All Seasons

Our Original Series pools can be assembled on site. That means that you can install one indoors just as easily as outside. All the pool components fit through any standard doorway or down a staircase.

Our swim spas arrive fully assembled, making the installation an easy process outdoors, and a surprisingly easy process for indoor spaces with access.

Imagine swimming in warm water in the comfort of home, even when there’s snow on the ground! You can redefine snow day activities with a swim, workout, or relaxing dip in your light-filled sunroom. Explore more sunroom pools.

You wouldn’t drive to the gym or community pool for a 15-minute swim. With a pool in your basement, you can always make time to energize or unwind, and you can bring your ‘best friend’ with you! Discover the possibilities for basement pools.

Plan your garage renovation around fun and fitness! This garage in Massachusetts is open all year long for Kat’s knee therapy exercises and for relaxing date nights with her husband. See the possibilities for garage pools.

Time to Plan

The anticipation of receiving your pool or swim spa is a big part of the excitement! Planning and preparing for your new Endless Pools model lets you explore design possibilities for your new backyard oasis or indoor retreat.

So, what’s next? Our goal isn’t just to stay on schedule. Our goal is to get ahead of schedule. We already added around-the-clock shifts so we can maintain production while keeping our team members socially distant. In addition, we just expanded our Pennsylvania warehouse space by nearly 10,000 sq. ft. to boost our production capabilities. By mobilizing in conjunction with our California facility, we are working hard to ship sooner than our current projections.

Quite candidly, our entire team has been humbled and flattered by the increased demand. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making Endless Pools the go-to choice for versatile, compact pools and swim spas. Our customers have other options, and they let us know every day that Endless Pools delivers a value that’s worth waiting for.

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