The Finishing Touches

Complete your Endless Pools® model with our Ascent Skirting and Apex Coping

One of the advantages of the Endless Pools Original Series pools is the aesthetic versatility. You can finish your pool however you choose to suit your tastes, budget, and home’s architecture. Fortunately, Endless Pools provides optional pool finishing choices that are simple, classically styled, easy to care for, and custom-fit.

Skirting Your Pool

With an above-ground pool, the exposed outside walls make the all-important first impression. Every time you go for a swim or aquatic workout, and every time you have company for a pool party, the pool’s skirting sets the mood. Endless Pools has a convenient and stylish option.

This Endless Pools Performance pool was installed above-ground with a deck on two sides. It’s a smart way to get partially in-ground convenience without the cost of excavation. This pool features our coping in Summit Gray around the perimeter, plus our Weathered Gray skirting on the exposed sides.

Ascent Skirting System from Endless Pools

Our Ascent Skirting System gives your pool a durable, stylish laminate finish. The Ascent pool skirting mimics the look of real wood without the maintenance hassles.

We designed our custom skirting for easy installation on any exposed wall of your above-ground pool. Some basic carpentry is required to hang the skirting around the steel frame or our Original Series and WaterWell® pools; any handy homeowner should be equipped to construct the necessary 2x4 framing.

Each of our pool skirting panels alternates 12-inch and 6-inch sections to add dimensionality to your pool walls. You can choose from two color finishes: Weathered Gray or Riverbed Brown.

For appropriate configurations, energy-efficient bars of blue LED light integrate into all four corners to illuminate a patio or pool room creating a seamless, luxury appearance.

LED Corner Lighting illuminates this Original model Endless Pool.

Capping the Top of Your Pool

The perimeter ledge of any pool is called the coping. You want a coping material that’s sturdy, weather-resistant, and of course, attractive. Our Apex Coping offers a smart, maintenance-free way to finish the top edge of your pool.

Our custom Apex coping will prove durable for your indoor or outdoor pool installation. It’s UV-stabilized, so it will resist cracking and fading in any environment.

When you order our Apex pool coping, you’ll receive all the pieces precut for the easiest installation. The rounded corners will give any pool a graceful, modern look. We offer three colors: Summit Gray, Desert Plateau, and Arctic Ice.

Take a closer look: On the left, our Ascent skirting in Riverbed Brown is capped with our pool coping in Desert Plateau. On the right, our Apex coping in Summit Gray complements our Ascent skirting in Weathered Gray.

Putting it Together

For the most polished look to your pool, the Desert Plateau coping with our Riverbed Brown skirting, or the Summit Gray coping with the Weathered Gray skirting (see photos).

The Arctic Ice pool coping gives you a neutral third option. This vibrant off-white pairs with either of our skirting options. It can also suit any number of locally sourced skirting options.

These pool coping and skirting make great add-ons to your custom pool. Or try any of our three Pool Packages, which offer easy ordering and guaranteed savings; each Pool Package includes our coping and skirting in the discounted package price.

Whichever you choose, you'll get timeless style, easy maintenance, and fast custom ordering with our Apex coping and Ascent skirting.

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