6 Basement Pools from Endless Pools® (photos)

What's in your basement? Dusty boxes? Your washer and dryer? Maybe it's finished as a TV room with a bar. Wouldn't you enjoy it more as a warm-water oasis?

Step downstairs and envision your family's go-to destination for active fun, relaxation, fitness, and uninterrupted swimming. The Endless Pools Original Series gets assembled on site; all parts fit easily through standard doorways and down stairs, so you can install a versatile, space-saving pool in your existing basement.

This basement therapy pool is skirted in reclaimed black locust wood with galvanized steel roofing material on the walls and waterproof paint on the ceiling. In our blog interview (including amazing before/after photos), pool owner Shawn explains how she turned a tight budget into stylish pluses.

Advantages of a Basement Pool

Your basement probably already has a concrete floor, which is an ideal foundation for an above-ground pool. (Floor leveling may still be required, and that's a much faster, easier, and lower-cost process than pouring a new concrete pad.) The floor may already have the drainage recommended for an indoor pool too.

Unfinished basements are often strictly for utilities and storage. When the pool is a medical necessity, aesthetics aren't the main concern. A simple installation in a barebones space can be transformative for people managing the chronic pain of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or other conditions.

Glass doors, mod furniture, and bold blocks of blue help make this Endless Pools room a standout! The owners installed the pool fully in-ground; the extra work of the excavation gives them the most polished look! Our Automatic Security Cover gives them peace of mind with the turn of a key.

For finished basements, the aesthetic flexibility of our Original Series pools let you adapt it to your basement's existing style and color scheme. Finished basements are often rec rooms, and nothing says 'recreation' like swimming, aquatic fitness, and pool parties!

Convenience is another big plus. Your pool is just steps away in a space you that you may have been taking for granted. Now, you can repurpose it for wellness and family time.

Who needs windows when this grand ocean mural gives this Endless Pools model a glorious view? The beautiful and imaginative wall covering gives an open feel to this basement; the partially in-ground installation also helps create an airiness to a room with relatively low ceilings.

Considerations for your Basement Pool

For an above-ground Endless Pools installation, be sure to check the ceiling height relative to your pool's depth (Endless Pools offers three depths plus custom options). A partially in-ground installation, even recessing it just a matter of inches below floor-level, could be all you need.

If you are installing fully or mostly above-ground, exterior steps will be necessary to enter and exit the pool. Endless Pools offers multiple exterior stair options at a variety of heights. For the cleanest finish, some owners have steps built in with the pool's skirting or decking.

In this basement, you can swim in place, then enjoy a sauna. The dog seems to enjoy the spa environment too! With the Endless Pools Original Series models, you only need access to one side for maintenance, so you can save space with a corner installation.

Heat rises, so basements can often be the coldest room in the house. Fortunately, any Original Series pool can have its cabinet super-insulated to retain the water's heat.

If you're considering installing your pool in an unheated basement a cover is a long-term money-saver.

It's not pretty, but that doesn't matter to Andrew Starykowicz (left). He's a professional triathlete who installed this Performance pool shortly before the birth of his first child. For his training pool, speed and proximity to family were all that really mattered.

Our Original Series pools boast modular construction. All components fit through standard doorways, down stairs, and clearly, around the unmovable support poles in this basement! It makes it possible to enjoy swimming, aquatic fitness, and family pool time in an existing space.

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