Joe & Linda: 20+ Years of Swimming at Home

"I live in it. I swim in it. I've had three total knee replacements, and I can seriously say that I can get up every morning and walk because of my pool."

That's what Linda B. told us. She and her husband, Joe B., installed their Endless Pools® Original model in their New Jersey home in 1999. After 20+ years in action, their pool got its first major overhaul, with multiple new parts. That's when Linda decided that it was time to speak with us about how much the pool has meant to her.

Linda's Rx: Get in the Pool

Linda's knee troubles started with a car accident in the early 1990s. "When I tell people I’ve had 3 knee replacements," Linda says, "they don’t believe me. And I attribute it to Endless Pools. I never went to rehab. I came home and went in the pool."

As Joe recalls, that was against the doctor's advice … at least initially. After the doctor saw her continued progress, his new medical assessment of Linda's Endless Pools therapy was, "'You know what you’re doing.'"

"I’m in it probably five days a week," she says, mixing up her regimen to keep it fun and engaging. "I swim. I do exercises. I do pull-ups against the current. I do water yoga in it also. I walk. If I don’t feel like swimming, I get my book and sit in the back and read."

Joe keeps it simple. "I walk in it. We don’t have a treadmill, but I devised my own way of walking in the pool" against the swim current.

"The pool is very easy to maintain," Joe observes. "And my husband is not mechanically inclined," Linda quickly adds. He upkeeps their Endless Pools Original pool – seen here with their daughter and granddaughter – with assistance from our team. "Your customer service people are amazing. Not that I have many problems, but when you talk to them, they are so knowledgeable."

A Proud Swimming Grandmother

"When our children were young," Linda recalls, "we had an outdoor pool, and we never used it." The compact Endless Pool, with its signature swim-in-place current, made all the difference for their family.

"I have taught all my granddaughters to swim in my Endless Pools [swim current]," Linda says with obvious pride. "My 18-month-old old granddaughter is in at least three times a week.

"When I tell you these kids go in it, they're in it until I beg them to get out; so they're in it for three or four hours at a time."

"I've been swimming my whole life," Linda reports, so she gets a particular thrill seeing her granddaughters follow in her footsteps by joining swim teams.

Their swimming skills also give her and Joe peace of mind. One of the younger ones recently jumped into the 8' deep end of a public pool, Linda recounts. "Everybody was like, 'Oh my God!' I just said, 'they're fine. Give them goggles and a bathing suit and they're happy.'"

"We spent a week in North Carolina," she recalls, "and I asked them, 'What was your favorite part?'" Their answer: "'Swimming!'"

Linda taught all of her granddaughters to swim in this Endless Pools Original model, and she proudly reports that she designed her pool room. "It was a three-season porch that I put an addition on for my pool, and I enclosed the room and insulated it. We got it for the therapeutic use," she recalls, "but also the enjoyment with the kids and everything else."

20+ Years with One Endless Pool

"Endless Pools is the best company I have ever ever dealt with," Linda enthuses.

Linda and Joe take some credit for their pool's longevity, but not all of it. "Do we take care of it? Absolutely," she asserts; "we maintain it perfectly." Joe adds, "It’s a simple pool to take care of. The pool quality is unbelievable."

"The biggest thing about this pool," she remarks, "is no one knows I have a pool. It never smells … ever. We had a dehumidifier put in; we never used it. We pulled it out about 10 years ago.

"You have no idea how glad I am that I have this pool," Linda confides. "You have no idea."

"We love love love my Endless Pool," Linda enthuses. Note her use of "my." For the pain relief and peace of mind it's given her, she now says, "It is without a doubt my most prized possession. I have a 4’ mat that sits at the end of the pool that says 'Linda's Pool.'" Adds her husband, Joe, "We definitely got our moneys worth – many times over!"

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