9 Garage Pools from Endless Pools® (photos)

How to turn the garage into a year-round, all-season pool house.

Some people use their garages solely to park their car and store the lawnmower. You could use yours to swim, get and stay fit, unwind, and have fun with your family. There are a lot of advantages to focusing your pool planning on the garage.

In less than half of a two-car garage, you can install an Endless Pools Original Series model or Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spa. It's a wise choice for an underutilized space -- turn your garage into an all-weather pool enclosure with an economical Endless Pools installation.

Kat loves her Endless Pools Performance model so much that she bought two! She used the pool in her Maryland garage for knee therapy, relaxation, and active fun. When she and her husband moved north, she created a comparable pool design in her Massachusetts garage.

Advantages of a Garage Pool

A garage pool can be the least expensive option for installing your Endless Pools model. Most garages already have a level concrete floor (and if it's slightly out of level, that can be easily, affordably fixed). An above-ground garage pool could save you money and be up and running the quickest.

Your indoor pool planning could result in a year-round pool season. Your garage is safe from the elements and, depending on its insulation and your climate, relatively comfortable through all four seasons. Imagine a pool season that never ends?

Bold colors and recessed lighting make this home spa distinctive and inviting. The centerpiece: their Endless Pools Fitness Systems E500, our 15-foot swim spa with our signature adjustable current. Now, these homeowners can enjoy a bright environment to swim, work out, and enjoy hydromassage seats.

A garage pool is easily accessible from your home, but it's likely less accessible to your children or pets. Of course, Endless Pools offers secure pool covers and swim spa covers and an optional child alarm. You may still find peace of mind with your pool behind locked or difficult-to-lift doors.

Considerations for your Garage Pool

Is your garage heated? Most aren't, and depending on your climate and your garage's construction, it may get chilly in the winter months.

To help conserve your pool's heat and save energy, you can super-insulate the cabinet of any Endless Pools Original Series model. If you're installing an Endless Pools Fitness System, you're in luck: They come with our Tri-Thermic Barrier System as the standard insulation in every swim spa.

Limited resources require you to set clear priorities. For this family, they prioritized an Endless Pools Original model for swimming, fitness, and family fun. The rest of the pool room is furnished for simple efficiency. The result – a space that the whole family enjoys together or with friends.

An above-ground pool is the quickest installation and requires no excavation. You will either need one of our exterior pool stair options or to build stairs with whatever custom framing material you choose. During your pool planning, be sure to determine your garage's ceiling height relative to your pool depth.

For a deeper pool, you may need to choose a fully or partially in-ground pool design. This type of pool installation will give you greater accessibility and a much better visual for your pool investment.

Smart pool planning got this family up and running in no time! Their SwimCross Exercise System X500 arrived fully assembled. Once placed on their concrete garage floor, a simple electrical hookup is all that was needed for a vigorous swim or aquatic workout, followed by hydromassage relaxation.
A controlled swim environment can be hard to find in the Rocky Mountains. This family used their garage for an Endless Pools Original model. With their fully in-ground pool design, they can simply crank open the garage door to emerge from a swim to fresh mountain air and a glorious view!

No grand mountain vista visible from your garage door? This mural creates a fanciful escape from reality to a quiet beach, the waves courtesy of their Endless Pools Performance model. The garage/pool house is suited for fitness on their Underwater Treadmill, TV time, and playing with their furry friends.

Melissa loves her Endless Pools High Performance model! She shares her workouts on Instagram often, and the resulting questions inspired this video tour of her garage pool. She trains hard for triathlon and for mental balance, and she welcomed viewers to tour her 'pain cave.'

From the garage to the Paralympics! Anastasia 'Tas' Pagonis is a blind swimmer training hard for the Tokyo 2021. In conjunction with NBC's George to the Rescue, Endless Pools donated this Performance model to allow her to have easy access to stroke and endurance training.

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