6 Athletes who Cross Train with Endless Pools®

Why they use versatile aquatic exercise to improve their dry-land performance

They throw balls, lift weights, and run obstacle courses. They run, and they bike. And when they’re not doing that, they swim. Many athletes turn to aquatic fitness workouts to “cross train.” That is, they mix up their sport-specific training by including low-impact pool workouts.

According to the American Council on Exercise, cross training provides a range of benefits: reduced risk of injury, enhanced weight loss, improved total fitness, and increased engagement with exercise so that you don’t get bored and quit!

Aquatic exercise makes a great option for cross training. Working out in water is lower impact than dry-land exercise, so it’s easier on your ankles, knees, hips, and back. In the water, you can do anything that you can do on dry land, including running, cycling, and rowing. Of course, swimming provides a total-body workout to develop both strength and cardiovascular fitness.

These seven athletes, including professionals and amateurs, all turn to Endless Pools Original Series models to stay fit and flexible for other dry-land sports.

A professional stunt performer and American Ninja Warrior, Jessie Graff cross trains in her backyard pool, an Endless Pools Performance model. Besides karate kicks with water’s 360-degree resistance, she also trains with our exclusive Underwater Treadmill. “When I run on my Endless Pools treadmill,” she says, “it burns my calves, hip flexors and adductors even more than when I run on the ground, but with none of the impact.” 

An amateur baseball player, Bert recommends swimming as cross training. "It's good for pitching! I've swum after a game to loosen up. I'm still pitching into the 7th inning, and I'm in my 60s. I think swimming helps." He swims daily in the basement pool, an Endless Pools Original model, in his South Carolina home.

When Endless Pools’ own Mark Langan was training for the 119th Boston Marathon, he turned to the Underwater Treadmill in an Endless Pools Elite model. A grade-3 ankle sprain made dry land training too painful, so he started water running to stay in shape as he healed. “That helped me greatly,” he found. Mark went on to finish the marathon in 3:23:25!

Swimming is just one part of triathlon training, but Enduroman competitor Chris finds that the constant current of his Endless Pools Original model helps with all three disciplines. "The controlled swimming really helps with my running breathing,” he says. “Same thing with cycling. Getting your air in and getting a full exhale, it really helps with controlled breathing."

"You'll get worked swimming!" That’s what Justin’s personal trainer told him. He was training for his first amateur bodybuilding competition and swam daily in his sunroom pool for cardio. "Swimming really stretches my body out. I love breaststroke because it really works the chest,” he enthuses. "It's just a great workout!"

"Somedays, I spend an hour and a half just going through a full pool workout,” says NFL quarterback Carson Wentz. “For me, the more I can get in the water, the better I feel.” He installed the Endless Pools Elite model as his garage pool. “It’s been super beneficial for my body, and I think it will help the longevity of my career.”

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