6 Arthritis Therapy Pools (and the People who Love Them)

Why these customers choose water therapy for arthritis relief

To alleviate the pain of arthritis, many people turn to aquatic exercise in home therapy pools. There's a solid body of evidence demonstrating that aquatic therapy pools can offer symptom relief for arthritis sufferers. And Endless Pools customers have shown that an arthritis therapy pool can range from the utilitarian to the luxurious!

Therapy Pool Research for Arthritis

Endless Pools® customers have long told us that that regular exercise in their therapy pools provides effective symptom relief. Formal scientific research backs that up.

A four-month study in the UK compared aquatic therapy to dry-land exercise and therapies. For patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the researchers concluded, "hydrotherapy produced the greatest improvements."

Separately, researchers at Utah State University tested a water treadmill for seniors with knee osteoarthritis. They found that, after six weeks, walking on an underwater treadmill improved balance, reduced joint pain, and boosted overall mobility.

The Arthritis Foundation recommends warm water therapy for people with arthritis. They cite Bruce E. Becker, MD, director of the National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute at Washington State University in Spokane; he says that warm water therapy "makes the joints looser. It reduces pain, and it seems to have a somewhat prolonged effect that goes beyond the period of immersion.”

The Arthritis Foundation specifically recommends swimming and therapy pool exercises that use water's natural resistance.

Therapy Pools for Arthritis Exercises

"Because I have arthritis, I needed a way to exercise that didn’t cause more joint pain. My E700 has made this possible," Angela told us. With the signature Endless Pools current in her swim spa, she says, "I can set it to whatever pace I want. I can walk, run, or swim and not worry about joint damage. I used it all winter as well," she adds, and that's dedication given that she lives in a snowy Illinois suburb!

Every morning, Judy swims with the Endless Pools current "to keep me active in spite of the arthritis in my feet." She commissioned this stunning, thoughtfully detailed pool house to give her year-round therapy pool access. "It is particularly nice in summer to be able to open the bi-fold doors and enjoy the garden as well as the pool," she reflects. "In winter ... the heated floor, towel rail and wall heater keep the room warm, and condensation quickly disperses when I open the skylights after swimming."

Spinal stenosis is sometimes caused by advanced osteoarthritis. "When you have spinal stenosis," Mike knows firsthand, "running is terrible – same with biking." Both activities result in "compressing your spine. Swimming is the opposite; you're stretching your body the whole time." Since Mike started swimming daily in his basement pool, he reports, "It seems I don't have any issues at all. I don't even go to the doctor because it's not causing any issues."

"The pool has been a godsend!" Donna's husband reports. She had laryngitis when he spoke on her behalf about her daily arthritis therapy exercise in their WaterWell® pool. They find that aquatic therapy "absolutely" helps even if it cannot fully cure her arthritis. "Still there are limitations, but it doesn't interfere with her life in any major way," he shares. "She goes to a standard physical therapist as well, but while they're helpful, the pool is what she feels has made the biggest difference."

With arthritis therapy pools, what's good for humans is also good for canines. Varen Chapman founded Montana Water Dogs with an Endless Pools Commercial model to offer aquatic therapy to dogs. One of her own dogs has arthritis and hip dysplasia; letting her dog swim against the Endless Pools current three times a week is part of the regimen that's kept the four-year-old lab active and off pain medication. An eight-week study published in ISRN Veterinary Science confirmed that swimming can help the symptoms of osteoarthritic dogs!

Ed and Helen both suffer from arthritis. They appreciated the results of their daily Endless Pools swimming and balance therapy so much, that after 25 years, they bought a second Original pool. "We keep the pool at 92 degrees, which is very fine for our arthritic bodies," Ed reports. "I hope it's added years to our lives."


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