Hydrodrive™ Technology by Endless™ Pools

Elevate Your Pool Game!

Aquatic Innovation for Swimming, Fitness, and Fun!

At Endless Pools, we’re not just producing pools and swim spas; we’re engineering aquatic solutions that push the limits of what a pool can be. At the very heart of our innovation is our Hydrodrive Technology, which produces a current that is ideal for swimming, aquatic exercise and family fun.

How Hydrodrive Works

The Hydrodrive system generates a smooth, wide, adjustable current that provides resistance without turbulence, creating an environment where swimmers can perfect their strokes and improve their speed by swimming “endlessly” without the need for turns.  And Hydrodrive isn’t just for athletes. Homeowners can create their own aquatic gym by pairing a Hydrodrive current with fitness accessories such as an Underwater Treadmill or Aquabike for low-impact, resistance workouts. Active families can unleash their creativity - dreaming up new ways to play and have fun in the moving water.   

Learn more about Hydrodrive, Hydrodrive Plus, and Hydrodrive Pro.

The Current that Transformed an Industry 

For nearly four decades, Endless Pools has been dedicated to delivering the most innovative products and the best experience possible. Our first swim-in-place current was installed on the pool deck at Columbia University in 1988. Word quickly spread, and the new technology was embraced by collegiate swim programs to give their athletes the winning edge.  

Over the years, we’ve continued to improve and enhance our currents to provide people of all ages and fitness levels with low-impact resistance to enhance swim training, therapy, recovery, and more. Today, Hydrodrive Technology is the most advanced current on the market, and has been installed in thousands of pools, in hundreds of countries around the world.    

Our commitment to innovation benefits every Endless Pools customer, whether they’re training for the next event, fitting in some low-impact exercise, or enjoying some quality family time. 

Unlock the Possibilities with Hydrodrive Technology

Your Pool, Reimagined.

Hydrodrive Technology is a game-changer that enhances the functionality and versatility of our pools and swim spas. You'll never run out of new ways to enhance your health, fitness and family time.   

With Hydrodrive, you can expect more from your pool:   

  • Aquatic Fitness from the Comfort of Home.  

    Transform your pool into an aquatic gym, with an adjustable current that caters to all fitness levels. Swim without interruption, challenge yourself with low-impact resistance, and keep your workout fresh by adding a range of fitness accessories.   

  • Fun for All Ages.  

    Kids and adults alike will have a blast of swimming against a smooth current, turning your pool into a favorite destination for active fun. The kids will be happy to take a break from screens and devices as they spend hours splashing, floating, and playing in your at-home “waterpark.”   

  • Get Your Swim On!  

    The precision engineered technology behind Hydrodrive™ ensures a seamless, customizable swimming experience. Our wide, smooth, current allows you to focus on your stroke, as you swim continuously without the need for flip turns.  

  • Education and Water Safety.   

    Hydrodrive provides a safe, comfortable way for young or inexperienced swimmers to become accustomed to moving water. The adjustable current offers a controlled setting for gaining confidence and learning open water techniques before venturing into less forgiving lakes, oceans, and rivers.  

Learn How Hydrodrive Can Transform Your Aquatic Experience.

Since we introduced our swim-in-place current over three decades ago, our smart technology has provided people with new ways to tap into the power of water and paved the way for healthier and happier lifestyles.  

To learn more about our products, including our swim spas, modular pools, fitness accessories, and the Hydrodrive, Hydrodrive Plus, and Hydrodrive Pro, browse our web page or contact a Product Specialist.

Hydrodrive is available in Modular Endless Pools, E-Series Swim Spas, and our Fastane® Pro products.

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