9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool

Planning your home's Endless Pools® installation gives you so many choices!

You have pool options to consider, and our pools' greater flexibility lets you customize the pool of your dreams. This handy checklist helps you go from dream to reality.

This swimmer enjoys his Endless Pools® Original Series model in his basement, in a corner, and partially in-ground. The pool's flexibility let him create his own spa getaway at home.

Site Requirements

  • Your pool needs a solid, level floor or concrete pad. It must be capable of supporting up to 250 pounds per square foot. Most ground-level spaces and on-grade concrete floors can support this weight.
  • Your pool site must be two-feet wider and three-feet longer than your pool's interior dimensions. That will allow you to access the pool and its internal components.
  • Want to conserve space? Remember that any Endless Pools model can be placed in a corner.

Equipment Access

  • The Water Quality System is typically installed at the front of the pool.
  • Endless Pools technology has evolved toward quieter pumps and motors. Still, you can minimize the noise of the Hydraulic Power Unit by locating it remotely, up to 75 feet away.

Many people who choose to get a pool for their backyard do so simply to sit and relax! A backyard leisure pool can be a great way to de-stress, or even just to cool off after a long, hot day. Endless Pools Swim Spas, like this E550 model, arrive fully assembled and ready for swimming, refreshing private workouts, hydromassage, and active family fun.

Installation Configurations

  • The pool can be installed above-ground, partially in-ground, or fully in-ground.
  • Above-ground pools eliminate the need to excavate. To install above-ground with an in-ground appearance, consider building a deck up around the pool.
  • If you or any pool user has mobility limitations, remember that partially in-ground pools are the most easily accessible.
  • Indoors, breaking through the existing floor may be best for a partially/fully in-ground installation, particularly if you want a deeper pool. Otherwise, your pool may feel too close to the ceiling and obstruct sight lines.


  • For warm climates, you can consider an indoor pool or a backyard pool.
  • In colder climates, an indoor pool will give you a year-round pool season. It's a smart way to maximize your pool investment.
  • Some owners love to swim outdoors year-round, even in snow! Talk with your Product Specialist about your options for super-insulating your pool's cabinet.

Nothing feels quite like a warm-water swim in winter! This Performance model has an efficient heater and super-insulated cabinet to make it possible. 

Pool Size

  • Our Original Series pools range in size from six feet by six feet to 16 feet by 16 feet, depending on the model. The width and length are each customizable in one-foot increments.

  • The Endless Pools Swim Spas come in four sizes. Their molded acrylic shells cannot be resized.

Pool Depth

  • For Original Series pools, the standard depth has a 42-inch wall, which permits a 39-inch water depth. That's suitable for swimming, fitness, and most other uses.
  • You can choose a pool that's six or twelve inches deeper. Deeper pools are better suited for water aerobics and for greater resistance when using our Underwater Treadmill. You can also ask our team to create a pool with a custom depth or with multiple depths.
  • Our swim spas come with depth between 50 and 58 inches, depending on the model. A 58-inch depth is required if you're choosing our Underwater Treadmill.

A rooftop pool requires special engineering considerations. The roof deck's clever design incorporates stairs to this above-ground pool right into the perimeter benches. 

Existing Space vs. New Space

  • All Original Series pool components fit through standard doorways and down stairs. You can install one of these pools in an existing space just as easily as outdoors.
  • Our swim spa models arrive fully assembled, so they require an 8-foot-wide opening for existing spaces; they're best suited for backyards, garages, and new construction.

Indoor Pool Considerations

  • Humidity can be mostly controlled with a properly used cover. If the pool is uncovered less than one hour a day, a standard household dehumidifier or a window vent fan should be sufficient. For a detailed explanation of how to handle humidity, watch this brief humidity-control video.

  • Humidity can be mostly controlled with a properly used cover. If the pool is uncovered less than one hour a day, a standard household dehumidifier or a window vent fan should be sufficient. For a detailed explanation of how to handle humidity, watch this brief humidity-control video.

  • Our optional pool covers and spa covers also reduce heat loss and have locks to limit unwanted access. 

  • Locating a pool above the ground floor requires the review of a professional engineer to ensure that the upper-floor room has the structural integrity to support the weight.

  • Endless Pools highly recommends that both the pool and water quality system be located near a floor drain or have a sump pump.

  • The area surrounding the pool should be protected, with appropriate floor and wall covering materials, the same as you do for your bathroom.

Tight space? No problem! This Endless Performance model in a Nebraska basement offers a year-round retreat with a mildew- and water-resistant wood surround.

Outdoor Pool Considerations

  • We strongly recommend one of our secure outdoor covers to protect against heat loss, debris, and unwanted access. These pool covers and spa covers are designed to withstand the elements.
  • Cabinet insulation can extend your open-pool season. Our spas come standard with our Tri-thermic Barrier, three layers of insulation.
  • All pools come standard with an electric water heater. Our optional gas heater works much faster than electric and is generally cheaper to operate.
  • If you decide to excavate, you should first determine the height of the site's water table.

Have a sketch or photo of your proposed site?

Share it with your Product Specialist for an experienced perspective on the best model and options.

Get the feel of a fully in-ground pool with no excavation! That's what this deck offers. The Endless Pools security cover traps in heat, minimizes water loss, and protects the pool from debris and critters. 
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