7 Perfect Patio Pools (Photos)

Get some prime patio pool ideas from these sterling Endless Pools® installations

The dream of a backyard pool is alluring. And with a patio pool, you can enjoy the same at-home convenience with an attractive, easy-maintenance hardscape. Let these Endless Pools photos give you some patio pool ideas that you can bring to your home.

Our Original Series pools can just as easily be assembled indoors, even in existing rooms. Still, the convenience and open air of a patio pool are hard to resist. It’s the perfect playground for all-ages fun, fitness, swimming, and entertaining. And with our compact size, efficient heater, and insulation options, many customers keep their outdoor Endless Pools models open for three or four seasons, even in cooler climates.

For patio pool ideas, check out these seven photos. Each patio pool shown here can inspire you with the homeowner’s ingenuity and design sensibility, as well as the versatility of every Endless Pools model.

Nancy loves the invigorating feeling that she gets from workouts in her WaterWell® pool. Her husband, Jim, has ankle difficulties and depends on his WaterWell workouts to stay fit without weight-bearing exercise. The patio pool at their Columbus, Ohio, home makes their pool fitness routines easy and convenient. To accommodate Jim’s height (he’s six-foot two-inches tall) they customized their WaterWell model to a depth of 54 inches.

That view! When Kathleen finishes swimming with our Performance pool current, she looks up to the grandeur of the Utah mountains. A former lifeguard, she shares the pool with her brother, who lives nearby. This model replaced her former patio pool, a huge fiberglass pool, because she craved the easier maintenance and easier access that Endless Pools provides.

When Kim got this patio pool, she was recovering from a long illness and wanted to start getting more active. She also wanted to teach her husband to swim! It’s never too late to learn heart-healthy, lifesaving skills. They skirted their Original Series pool in rough-hewn brick and accessorized it with bold orange accents (and the occasional Standard Poodle).

At 6 a.m., six days a week, William can be found swimming in this Performance pool. Beneath the current housing at the pool’s far end, you can see our angled swim mirror; it lets William view his upper-body technique for real-time swim progress with every stroke. Customized to a spacious 9 feet by 15 feet with a 54-inch depth, his patio pool abuts his fence, affording him privacy just steps from the street.

Tucked away in the hills of San Francisco, you’ll find this Endless Pools Original model. The homeowner, Susan, chose an 8-foot width with our standard 14-foot length and installed it partially in-ground with intricately detailed blue tiles. Look inside, and you can see that she also opted for multiple depths; it’s a custom option that’s ideal for aquatic exercise, giving you a choice of water depths for varying resistance.

Carlos had to hang up his running shoes when he could feel the toll in his joints. Now, he dips into his Original Series pool daily to swim and exercise without the impact on his body; water provides a natural low-impact environment that makes it possible to stay in shape when dry-land exercise is just too painful. And the pergola over his pool provides shade from the Arizona sun so he can swim at almost any time of day!

David installed this Endless Pools Original model when he got serious about triathlon training. He needed convenient access to water, even though he lives inland, in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. After training for the open water swim with our Original current, he told us that he got out of the water faster than ever! For a finished look on his patio pool, he installed our Automatic Security Cover; it operates with the turn of a key and remains hidden below the pools’ coping.

For more inspiration, check out the Endless Pools Photo Galleries.

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