Small Backyard Pools on a Budget

Plan your small backyard pool on a budget with a partially in-ground installation

Halfway measures can sometimes give you the best of both worlds. For instance, many people think of pools as being fully in-ground or fully above-ground. But you can gain distinct advantages, and even save money, with a partially in-ground pool.

By installing partially in-ground, you can create a small backyard pool on a budget with many of the perks of a fully in-ground pool and some of the convenience of an aboveground pool.

In this narrow backyard in Austin, the homeowners enjoy all the benefits of a big pool. Our Performance Pool lets Nelia do her triathlon swim training, cross-train, and relax. Among their small backyard pool ideas on budget, they installed partially in-ground with tiered decking for easier access; they also used simple sailcloth for affordable protection from the Texas sun.

Small Pools on a Budget

With a partially in-ground pool, you need a fraction of the excavation that a fully in-ground pool requires. The deeper you dig, the more time it takes and the more risks you run.

While a fully aboveground pool would be even more affordable, partially in-ground pools have distinct advantages that can make them worth the effort.

You couldn't fit a full-size pool in this Bay Area backyard. Thanks to our Original pool, Debbie gets to stay fit on our Underwater Treadmill and relax after a long day (she's a doctor) in the pool's temperature controlled water. The small pool still leaves her room for cafe dining.

The Perks of Going Partial

Partially in-ground pools are the easiest to get in and out of. The pool's coping (its perimeter ledge) serves as seating to aid your entry and exit.

You'll also enjoy the unobstructed sight lines of a fully in-ground pool. It creates a more spacious feeling to your yard than you'd have with an above-ground pool. If your yard is on the smaller side already, that sense of openness is vital to enjoying the space and making it feel welcoming.

Jennifer, David, and their kids enjoy one of our Original Series pools all year round in their New Jersey backyard. He's serious about his swimming, and the kids love getting active fun time in their backyard pool. They had some smart backyard pool ideas, like installing partially in-ground under the deck to save space.

Assessing Your Small Pool Value

Endless Pools® offers a line of small pools for your backyard, patio, or new or existing indoor space. It's the small pool with the feel of a big pool thanks to the Endless Pools current. Our smooth current lets you swim in place or get added resistance for any aquatic exercise; it's fully adjustable for all ages and experience levels.

Every pool and swim spa model comes standard with an energy-efficient heater. That's partly why many Endless Pools customers enjoy their models as three- or four-season pools. The extended (or never-ending) pool season gives you significantly more return for your pool investment.

A big backyard is great, but why hog it with a full size pool? Kristen enjoys gardening, entertaining in her spacious lounge area, and swimming in place in her Performance Pool. A former runner, she now stays active with low impact workouts (with a beautiful view).

For insulation, you have a range of options. Our Original Series and WaterWell® pools can be easily fitted with insulation during pool assembly, while our swim spas come with three layers of insulation built in. We also offer insulated pool covers for peace of mind and heat conservation. When you install a partially in-ground pool, the earth acts as insulation for the underground part of the pool walls.

With a partially in-ground Endless Pools set-up, you can enjoy a small backyard pool on a budget. It's a creative way to merge in-ground luxury with above-ground practicality for family fun, fitness, relaxation, and uninterrupted swimming.

Our X500 swim spa serves this family all year long, even through the long Idaho winters! Part of our SwimCross® Exercise Systems line, this X Series spa features our airless four-jet current for fitness, swimming, or just to keep the warm water moving!

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