5 More Home Gyms to Inspire You

These garage gyms get added power with Endless Pools®.

We already shared six home gyms featuring Endless Pools models. These five home workout rooms all make the most of the place where most of us just store boxes and dusty old lawnmowers! Your garage can make an ideal home gym and a smart, affordable site for your Endless Pools model.

Most garages already offer a concrete floor suitable to support the weight of a pool or swim spa. It's a solid building ready to be converted into a home gym with a rough or polished aesthetic. Some Endless Pools customers add extensions or windows to their garages for a more airy feel.

These five home gym examples show the versatility and imaginative possibilities of the humble garage. Imagine how your garage could be a convenient home gym with your own private fitness pool!

Kat converted her garage into her pool and fitness room. Note how she coordinated the tile on the pool skirting and backsplash with her choice of patterned pool liner. It’s a smart detail that adds some visual energy to her home workout room.

Dr. Steve and a friend assembled this pool themselves, and he contracted out his home gym construction, an addition to his home. The garage door opens to a gorgeous view of Western North Carolina foliage. With a seating/dining area on the outside deck, their fitness pool is easily accessible for entertaining as well.

Want to feel empowered by your home workouts? Looking for home exercise to give you a big transformation? Then you should have a suitably grand space! The dramatic lighting, the sculpted wave patterns, and exposed brick all make this U.K. workout room a stunner. This Performance pool is partially in-ground in an addition built onto the existing garage.

She’s taking a run on the Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill. It turns your pool or swim spa into a complete home fitness center on its own! The treadmill pace has dozens of speeds, and our adjustable current adds core resistance for a more vigorous challenge at any pace.

The stone wall says garage; the abundant natural light says sunroom. Whatever you call it, this hybrid home workout room has a fresh, organic vibe. Add in a water feature in the form of this Endless Pools Performance model, and you have an inspirational environment for total-body fitness!

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