Cost-effective Cocktail Pools

What is a cocktail pool, and how can you elevate your next gathering with one?

Pools are a great investment for fun, fitness, and swimming. A pool can also be installed just for atmosphere, to create a new, central space for entertaining. Meet the Cocktail Pool!

These pools take up less space and are also much more cost effective due to their smaller size.

The popularity of Cocktail Pools shows that you don’t necessarily need a big pool to have a good time. In fact, some people say that smaller pools can be even more fun!

Sometimes people want pools not for swimming, but just to spend time in and around! That’s exactly what Cocktail Pools are for: a place to sit and soak with your friends. It’s a pool, but it’s also a great spot to hang out!

The E2000 swim spa has something for everybody. She's enjoying a swim in comfortably warm water, while he relaxes in hot water with our hydromassage jets! It's an ideal cocktail pool solution whether you're having company to fill the outdoor seating or just a party for two.

Whatever kind of pool you want, it’s important to know the options available to you before you make a choice. You might be surprised at all the options for small pools that are still sure to take your backyard (or patio, sunroom, or basement) to the next level.

Even if you don’t have a lot of room for a pool, a cocktail pool can turn the smallest of spaces into a go-to destination that your social circles will long for an invite to!

What are Cocktail Pools?

A cocktail pool is essentially just a smaller-sized pool. Mostly, it's defined by how you use the pool rather than what the pool looks like.

For example, you can still play and exercise in small pools, especially with the help of the signature Endless Pools® current. When people get a cocktail pool, that’s not primarily what they’re looking for.

As the name may suggest, people typically want cocktail pools for small get-togethers, like a cocktail party. These kinds of pools serve to provide an additional place for guests to sit down and relax and can give a party a little something extra.

Kim set up her Original pool as a garden centerpiece. She created a welcoming space with vibrant pops of orange and abundant ledge seating, including around the partially in-ground pool. Her guests arrive to find space to talk, mingle, and play with the dog.

Imagine how much more fun your guests will have when they’re sitting in or milling around a pool instead of sinking sleepily into a couch!

Cocktail pools needn’t be too deep, since they’re not meant for diving, though you could still sit and talk around a deeper pool if you want! Cocktail pools may often be confused with 'spools,' and while they can be one and the same, the latter typically has more spa features.

Cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter, whatever you want. At its core, a cocktail pool is a way to take a backyard or indoor space up a notch with a small pool.

Cocktail Pool Cost

Small pools are less expensive than larger pools, both to install and to maintain. So, it makes sense that cocktail pools would also be less expensive than your typical backyard pool, even with all the amenities.

Jets, heating, and benches are all common features in cocktail pools, but don’t confuse them with hot tubs. While they may be small for a pool, they still have more space than hot tubs and are priced accordingly. If it’s a pool you want, even for the purpose of sitting and relaxing, you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Our WaterWell plunge pool makes a vibrant addition to this backyard. The stacked stone lends a rustic feel. The addition of our Automatic Security Cover creates a clean finish, transforming this cocktail pool into a low-profile destination for loved ones.

On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a pool that will serve the purpose of giving you additional space to hang out, then you don’t have to invest in a larger model.

That’s why cocktail pools are the perfect happy medium for those who can’t decide between the two and yet know that they wouldn’t use both.

Cocktail pools won’t break the bank, either. According to HomeAdvisor, they can cost over $22,000 on average, so they can also be priced much lower. It just depends on where you look and what kind of pool you want.

Our Cocktail Pools

Endless Pools has always put the quality of the pool before the size, as we specialize in more compact models. With the Endless Pools current, you can swim in place with a space-saving footprint. You can adjust the speed to your comfort level, or get additional accessories to enhance your workouts, such as an Underwater Treadmill or Aquabike, if that’s part of why you want the pool.

We also have pools for recreational purposes, such as the WaterWell® pool, which is an affordable plunge pool made to serve your interests for both fitness and fun.

Many Endless Pools models could be considered cocktail pools, such as our swim spas, many of which come at affordable prices. They also have jets and hydromassage seats that make them even more suited for get-togethers. The more added features, the more fun your guests will have just sitting in the cocktail pool.

Many of our other models are also the perfect size for a cocktail pool, so you should look at our other options before you choose what’s right for you.

Cafe seating, a garden view, and a cocktail pool-- what more could your guests ask for? This Performance pool was installed aboveground abutting a deck for easy access with no excavation. Our Summit coping and Apex skirting gave it a polished look!

For example, if you want a bigger space for a larger number of guests, our pools are customizable. You can choose the dimensions of your pool to fit your space and needs and give you the experience that you want from your pool. That could mean relaxed gatherings or all-out parties. Make some memories in your pool.

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