Five Festive Fall Photos

Pool Season Doesn't Have to End on Labor Day

The leaves turn fiery, the wind gets a brisk chill, and coffee smells like pumpkin spice – it must be autumn! In most climates, it's time to unpack sweaters. Endless Pools® customers, however, aren't putting away their swimsuits just yet.

Endless Pools offers compact pools and spas. They're much more affordable to heat than traditional pools, and the cabinets and covers can be insulated. You can even install a pool indoors for year-round access to swimming, aquatic fitness, and family fun.

These five photos show the possibilities for a warm-water pool retreat on a crisp fall day.

In their small Texas town, Mike and Kelli are ready for autumn! Their whole family loves their Endless Pools Original model; it gets daily use all year long. The ochre tones of the stone finish blend harmoniously with the golden fall leaves. And because everything's big in Texas, they customized their pool to 10 feet by 16 feet.

This backyard is fully equipped for dining, entertaining, and pool parties with the Endless Pools Fitness System E500. Our 15-foot swim spa provides the same adjustable current as in our Original pool, so you get the same versatility for swimming, fitness, and relaxation, even in the golden autumn sunlight.

Fall comes early to Connecticut, so you can see the stunning golden leaves in late-September. Better still, you can enjoy the view from this Performance pool, installed partially in-ground for easy access and a lower profile. The pool's stone-gray finishing coordinates with the patio tile for an organic feel.

Imagine a day in this beautifully appointed Santa Cruz yard! It provides all the fun and fitness required by Paul, his family, and their Golden Retrievers. And in the wooden deck, they have their Endless Pools Original Series model securely covered for heat retention and peace of mind. Our Automatic Security Cover fits below the deck, so it's completely out of sight when the pool is open.

The red wood provides a warm vibe, even when it doesn't match the leaves on the trees. In any weather, the Endless Pools Fitness System E2000 delivers total versatility. Our top-of-the-line 20-foot swim spa has separate activity and spa chambers, each with independent temperature control. You can swim or exercise at 82 degrees to avoid overheating, then unwind at 104 in the hot tub area. It's a smart, fun way to keep a little bit of summer alive, even as the weather turns cool.

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