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Cost-effective options. Flexible installation. Easy maintenance. High ROI. That's Endless Pools®!

What kind of businesses benefit with Endless Pools?

The list is, well, endless. Any commercial setting in which customers stand to benefit from the power of water will find incredible value—both financially and experientially—in an Endless Pools installation. From boutique hotels to physical therapy centers, our pools provide a flexible, accessible way to expand your aquatic capabilities to include business-critical solutions and a solid return on investment.

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Experience an aquatic atmosphere that adapts to your commercial setting.

Our pools are customizable for fitness, swimming, relaxation, and rehabilitation (human and canine). They adapt to almost any location, from basements to rooftops. Choose from our durable, easy-maintenance finishing materials, or allow your design team to create your own signature, on-brand look.

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Many possibilities for many types of customers.

Among the many clients who have transformed their businesses with Endless Pools are physical therapy facilities, NCAA swim programs, veterinary centers, sports medicine clinics, triathlon studios, the U.S. Military, boutique gyms, bed & breakfasts, hotels, and, ultimately, any industry looking to create a truly immersive and rewarding customer experience.

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Carl Malmquist, Owner,

3 Physical Therapy Facilities

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