Affordable Pools for Your Home

Value-priced solutions for most budgets and locations

A lot of people spend years wanting a pool but just don't have the budget. However, they may not know the full range of choices available to them.

You should be able to get a great pool that’s still within your budget. With more affordable pool options coming out, you can find the one that’s right for you!

Indoors or outdoors, no matter what you want your pool for, there are lots of ways to control the pool price.

Endless Pools offers value-packed alternatives, with a range of pool prices and different models to choose from.

Elegant simplicity is what you get with this aboveground Endless Pools retreat! It's skirted with basic siding and finished with a deck from the back door. A model of smart pool planning, it gets its distinction from the color choice and overhead pergola.

Pool Price Factors

To make sure you’re not overspending; you’re going to want to know what factors go into raising the pool price.

First, the pool size of course has an impact on the pool price. You shouldn’t spend more money on a bigger pool if you can get everything you want out of a more compact model.

Endless Pools lets you customize the dimensions of your pool, as well as plenty of other features so that you can minimize costs.

The materials and components used to build your pools also have an effect on pool price, so you can look into what choices will be the most cost-effective.

You can also save a lot on added features if you find out what you actually need for your pool to make it a valuable part of your home for years to come.

It's party time! The Endless Pools R500 is among our most affordable swim spas. Part of the RecSport® Recreation Systems series, the R500 has an airless three-jet current, hydromassage seats, and all the fun this family could want!

Benefits of an Affordable Pool

There’s one obvious benefit to getting an affordable pool— not spending more money than necessary! With a more affordable, more versatile pool, your decision won't be a splurge, but rather an investment.

When you can contain the pool price, that also gives you a bit of wiggle room to invest in the pool's skirting, coping, enclosure, or other items for the space. Whether your pool is indoors or outdoors, you’re going to want to create a comfortable space around it.

If you expected to spend more on your pool and went under budget, it’ll be great to have that extra money. Whether you want to save it or spend it on something to make the space look extra nice, it’s up to you!

In any case, it’s a smart investment of money if you use your pool frequently – for fun, fitness, entertaining, and swimming! So, once you’ve got an affordable pool in your home or backyard, be sure to spend a lot of time enjoying it and benefiting from it!

There are lots of ways that these pool owners saved! They chose our Original pool and assembled it fully aboveground on their garage's existing concrete slab. They surrounded their garage pool with simple, comfortable furnishings for a price-smart family room!

Our Affordable Pools

We have many affordable pools, our most affordable model being the popular WaterWell® pool. This versatile pool comes without our signature current and can easily be used for fun, therapy, and exercise.

Another very affordable model is the Streamline® pool, our most compact pool that comes with an adjustable resistance current. Like every Endless Pools model, it brings you easier maintenance and temperature-controlled water.

However, any of our Original Series pools or swim spas can be customized to fit a range of budgets and needs. Just check out the Build Your Pool option on our site to play around with added features to see how you can minimize pool prices!

It’s possible to get the pool you’ve always wanted without overspending. So, look at affordable pool options and make your dreams a reality.

Keep your affordable pool on budget with Endless Pools' Ascent skirting and Apex coping options. Seen here in coordinated shades of gray, they provide a durable finish and a polished look at a reasonable price.

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