6 Perfect Plunge Pools from Endless Pools®

Cost-effective small pools are increasingly popular as the smart pool alternative

In a previous article, we answered the question, ‘What is a plunge pool?’ These compact pools are all the rage. They’re more efficient and easier to maintain than traditional full-size pools.

For relaxation, family fun, fitness, and therapy exercises, plunge pools offer a compact, easy-care solution. They also provide a non-intimidating environment to teach smaller kids to swim!

While Endless Pools is known for our swim current technology, our WaterWell® pool makes an ideal, customizable solution for anyone seeking an at-home plunge pool. Every WaterWell model has the low-chlorine purification, modular design, and energy-efficient heating of our Original Series pools.

These six stunning examples all show off the versatility of the WaterWell plunge pool. It can provide the same backyard fun as a standard in-ground pool, while also saving space and offering an indoor assembly option.

Cathy had this sunroom home addition built especially for her WaterWell plunge pool. A former swimmer, she now suffers from an ear condition that prevents her from putting her head underwater. To stay active in an aquatic environment, she’s turned to daily water-walking and pool workouts. Thanks to the temperature control that comes standard with every Endless Pools model, she can stay active in comfortably warm water!

High above the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia’s popular Midtown Village district, one family enjoys this rooftop plunge pool. They customized their WaterWell “dipping pool” (as they call it) to a roomy 10 feet by 9 feet. For atmosphere and relaxation, they opted for Endless Pools’ underwater lights and hydromassage jets.

How do you minimize your kids’ screen time? Robert and Wendy gave them the plunge pool alternative! Their indoor WaterWell environment is just right for active year-round fun – while being entirely inappropriate to smartphone and tablets! Robert installed this plunge pool himself; Endless Pools assists with detailed print/video instructions and unlimited phone/email Customer Service support.

“It’s hot out here! I want to cool off.” That’s what Fred told us about his outdoor WaterWell plunge pool. Customized to a spacious seven feet by 12 feet, he built a new deck around his pool with a plexiglass security barrier. That gives them more than enough room to stay cool with the family pooch.

One of these bodies of water is warm, clean, and delivers peace of mind to parents of small kids! This above-ground WaterWell provides plunge-pool convenience with a stellar bay view. Like our Original Series pools, the WaterWell pool can also be installed fully or partially in-ground.

Retirees Bob and Ellen made the most of the existing sunroom in their suburban Houston home. Thanks to Endless Pools’ modular design, they were able to assemble their WaterWell plunge pool on site! With a six-foot by eight-foot water area, the pool was installed partially in-ground; it’s actually 51-inches deep! That provides chest-height water for their regular aqua-aerobics workouts.

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