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How to Plan Your Indoor Endless Pools® Site

Besides the tips on our Site Preparation page, you’ll have to be especially thoughtful in planning your indoor pool. At Endless Pools, we’ve been helping customers plan indoor pools since 1988, and we’re here to share our experience.

Choosing Your Pool Room

When every pool component can be carried through a standard doorway and down stairs, you can install your pool almost anywhere!

Our swim spas arrive pre-assembled; for an indoor swim spa, your space must have doors wider than 89 or 94 inches, depending on the model.

A Place in the Sun

Sunroom pools give you a light-filled retreat (seeing snow outside makes the water feel even warmer).

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Go Underground

Basement pools usually require minimal site preparation as they already have a concrete pad.

Explore Basement Pools

Pool with a View

Garage pools can also require minimal site prep. Just open the garage door to let in the sun and breeze.

Explore Garage Pools

Elevate Your Plans

Upper-floor pools (anything above the ground floor) are possible, though additional engineering may be required.

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For Year-Round Comfort…

Humidity control is easier than you might think! We offer pool covers and swim spa covers that can contain up to 95% of ambient moisture! For most pool owners, a standard bathroom vent fan is sufficient to control the rest of the humidity.

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