8 Pool Decks from Endless Pools® (photos)

Care to step out onto the pool deck? That's an offer that's difficult to say no to! Endless Pools offers pools and spas for the 21st Century, and they're versatile enough to adapt perfectly to the environments we've loved since childhood.

Even the humblest pool deck has an air of glamor about it. It brings to mind festive afternoons with family and friends, relaxing by yourself on quiet mornings, and sipping a drink with a little paper umbrella. Those of us who grew up watching The Love Boat still want to hang out on the Lido Deck!

A traditional pool would monopolize this yard! The Endless Pools Original model leaves room for gardening, seating, dining, and a tree. The homeowners used their decking wood to skirt the pool and, at far right, to attractively house the pool's internal components for easy maintenance.

Any of our Original Series pools and Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spas adapt easily to your pool deck plans. Our space-saving footprint lets you conserve more of your real estate and save money on new decking – all in the fun backyard atmosphere that families have enjoyed (or envied) for generations.

Before you make your pool deck plans, get inspired by these pictures and consider these tips.

Advantages of a Deck Pool

An Endless Pools deck installation can be one of your simplest, most cost-efficient options. Installing in the open space of your backyard can be the easiest for a DIY installation, handy homeowners have found.

Let it snow! The RecSport Recreation Systems R500's insulated cabinet and energy-efficient heating make this a four-season swim spa. The partially in-ground installation makes entry and exit a breeze. Imagine a winter's evening with the hydromassage jets against your back!

Your deck pool will give you an open-air environment for swimming, family fun, aquatic therapy, and low-impact exercise. With Endless Pools, you get a price-smart way to enjoy a traditional backyard pool environment, only with added functionality for fun, fitness, and uninterrupted swimming.

Considerations for your Deck Pool

For outdoor installations, we recommend insulating the cabinet of Original Series pools to conserve heat and lower your energy costs. All Endless Pools Fitness Systems come standard with our Tri-Thermic® Barrier System, three layers of insulation inside the sleek cabinet.

Sure, this yard could fit a full-size pool. Instead, the homeowners opted for a space-efficient Endless Pools Performance model to swim, play, and stay fit. Around it, they enjoy the lawn, gardens, and bold stone accents. Imagine the view from the second-floor decks!

Ask your dedicated Product Specialist about the best pool cover or spa cover for your installation and climate. Customers in colder climates find that the combination of an insulated cabinet and cover allows them to enjoy at least a three-season outdoor pool.

When putting a pool on an existing deck, you may need additional reinforcement to support the weight. Endless Pools has staff architects and engineers for consultation and drawings, all at no additional charge.

Up for a walk in the pool? The Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill lets you jog or run too. In water, exercise is easier on your joints while providing more resistance than on land. It's a healthy way to enjoy your pool deck (before you relax on it!).

If you're installing the pool on ground level with a new deck, you have a few options. You can use one of our exterior stair options, or you can build stairs from your decking material for a cleaner look.

You can also build the deck up to the pools edge – it's a money-saving, no-excavation way to get the look and functionality of a fully or partially in-ground pool.

After a swim in this Performance model, the pool gets protection from the telescopic pool enclosure (top right). The enclosure makes it easy to keep out critters and debris, and on a chilly day in Scotland, she can keep it closed for warmth while she swims!

What could be simpler than placing this SwimCross Exercise System X2000 on a deck? After a quick electrical hookup, they're ready to play, workout, swim, and unwind with the spa chamber's hydromassage seats. The tiered stairs make a beautiful entry from the deck.

Our pools adapt to almost any location. The modular design of our Original Series pools makes them suited for rooftop pool decks too! When you live in the hustle and bustle of NYC, you appreciate having a sanctuary to unwind and escape.

Money-saving tip: Install your pool above-ground and build the deck up around it. You'll get easy access and an in-ground feel, without the cost and risks of excavation. The sage-green pool skirting matches the house's siding, while the pergola delivers partial shade and a striking visual.

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