Two-Time Endless Pool Owner Says, "I Love You!"

The following letter came from Dr. Ann. In 1995, she bought her first Original Endless Pool®. Three years later, she bought her second. She recently reminded us of this letter, which she sent to us 20 years ago (!!!) under the title, Endless Pools, I Love You! Let Me Count the Ways. It was not solicited, but it's been greatly appreciated.

After Dr. Ann moved, she so missed her Endless Pools Original pool that she bought a new one. That was in 1998! In this sunroom addition, she still swims regularly, after more than 20 years of happy, low-maintenance ownership. 

When I sold my last house, the buyer offered me $10,000 more to leave behind my beloved Endless Pool. Although it broke my heart, I relented. I had not yet found another house and didn't know how long it might take so I decided that it made more sense to buy a new pool when the time came than pay to have my old one disassembled, transported, and stored and the cement pads removed and replaced with sod.

Oh! How I missed my beloved pool! I promised myself my new house would have an Endless Pool. In fact, I promised myself that for the rest of my life I'd have an Endless Pool, even if it meant buying a dozen of them!

How wonderful it is to come home after a long day at the office and be greeted by my beloved Endless Pool! If I have to work late, run an errand, or attend a meeting I know that my beloved Endless Pool will be patiently waiting. No need to worry that the pool is only open an hour and a half for evening lap swim or is closed for repairs, holidays, vacations, or because it's Sunday! No need to drive in awful traffic, in all kinds of weather, to get a swim. No fighting over parking spaces nor hunting for a locker. Oh! How I love my Endless Pool!

How wonderful to have the pool all to myself! No waiting for a lane, no worrying about swimming too fast or too slow for someone else, no worry about someone smashing into me, a child jumping on me, being hit by a flying kick board. No turning. No chlorine to sting my eyes, dry my skin, ruin my hair or fade my swimsuit. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect: the way I want it! Oh! How I love my Endless Pool!

The owner of this Endless Pools model praises it for its advantages over a traditional in-ground pool. She loves that it cost significantly less, gives her a year-round pool season, and leaves her backyard free and uncluttered. The Manual Pool Cover (pictured) keeps the pool's heat and humidity from escaping into her sunroom. 

A neighbor down the street has a big beautiful in-ground pool -- that takes up the entire back yard, can only be used during the summer and cost three times as much to install and maintain as an Endless Pool! For what they probably spent installing their pool, I built a 300-square-foot sunroom addition and put my Endless Pool in it! In the summer, with all the windows open, I have an outdoor pool; in the winter, with all the windows closed, I have an indoor pool! A pool I can use every day of the year! My neighbors spend $75 a month (year-round!) on a pool service to maintain their pool. My Endless Pool is so easy to maintain that I do it myself---in less than ten minutes a week, at a fraction of the cost! Oh! How I love my Endless Pool!

I had a dream that someone offered me a million dollars to part with my beloved Endless Pool and never have another one! Are you kidding?! What could I possibly buy with a million dollars that would give me this much happiness?!

Oh, Endless Pools, I love you! Thank you for making such a wonderful product, giving such excellent service, and bringing such joy, health, and happiness into my life!

Dr. Ann,
Marin County, California

This vintage photo shows Dr. Ann's first Endless Pools Original Series pool, circa 1996. She installed the pool in her backyard and protected it with a pool enclosure.

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