Create Your Own "Lazy River" with Endless Pools®

Rethink the possible with our Fastlane® Pro current system.

The lazy river is the water park feature that's fun for all ages. The whole family can relax and enjoy the fresh air and sun while gently floating down the lazy river.

Yet you rarely see a lazy river in a residential setting. That's because the cost for a custom lazy river can be so prohibitive. Expect estimates for a backyard lazy river to exceed $500,000!

Fortunately, the Endless Pools® Fastlane® Pro current system can affordably put a lazy river effect in your backyard pool!

But First, There's the Swim…

Of course, the Fastlane system was designed for swimming. It delivers the smooth Endless Pools swim current for in-place swimming, fun, and fitness. Just mount the Fastlane unit to the wall or deck of almost any backyard pool, new or existing.

At its top speed, the Fastlane lets you swim at a pace equivalent to 1:10/100 yards! With speeds in one-second increments, the Fastlane adjusts to suit every level of swimmer.

Simply adjust the current speed – either with the handy remote or with the Endless Pools Fit@Home® app – to swim for enjoyment, fitness, or competitive swimming and triathlon training!

This grand, river-like pool gets its motion from the sapphire, wall-mounted Fastlane (front right). Our swim current generator easily adjusts for all levels of swimmer; at top speed, it can create a lazy river effect in pools of any size. Fastlane's create the lazy rivers at this Southern California golf course and at one tropical Disney resort!

Creating Your 'Lazy River'

Of course, you can also just crank up your Fastlane swim current to create a lazy river effect across the whole of your backyard pool! With its many speed settings, the Fastlane model can effectively create a lazy river in pools of all sizes.

With the Endless Pools Fastlane Pro system, you can enjoy the lazy river with your own rules: you don't have to stay in your tube, you can share tubes, and you can enter or exit your own pool anywhere you choose.

Or ditch the rafts for a new twist in your next game of 'Marco Polo.'

How strong is the Fastlane current? Strong enough to give this kayaker a challenge! With the push of a button, the adjustable current can be slowed to allow a child to gently swim in place. With uses for aquatic exercise (and a lazy river effect), it's the most versatile pool accessory available. 

The Most Versatile 'Lazy River'

Besides swimming and creating a lazy river, you can use the Fastlane current for water running, aqua-jogging, and added core resistance for other aquatic exercise.

So what would you do with the versatile Fastlane system in your backyard pool?

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