9 Innovative Programming Options for Physical Therapy Pools (2 of 2)

Our previous post put the spotlight on 8 physical therapy marketing strategies to improve outcomes and grow business with a pool for aquatic physical therapy. In this post, we explore 9 outside-the-box programming options to make the most of your therapy pool.

So you have some prudent marketing strategies in place, and they're effectively bringing physical therapy clients to your facility. That still leaves a vast untapped population willing to pay for access to your aquatic therapy pool for reasons other than physical therapy!

Recap: Why Get an Aquatic Therapy Pool?

As we explored in part 1 of this post, aquatic therapy delivers faster outcomes, and efficient results will always serve as a physical therapist's best marketing strategy.

Many successful physical therapy facilities use an Original Endless Pool for aquatic therapy. Endless Pools offer:

  • State-of-the-art water purification with minimal chlorine and no odor
  • The Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill for a range of therapies, including gait analysis

  • Accessibility options, from steps to rails, for physical therapy clients with mobility limitations
  • Modular construction permits custom sizing to adapt to existing spaces

  • A compact footprint is ideal for privacy and for one-on-one sessions, as required for Medicare eligibility.

Consider any of these suggested programming options to broaden your therapy pool's clientele. With some clever planning and sensitivity to your local market, you can use your therapy pool to grow your physical therapy facility's revenue from a steady stream of athletic, wellness-minded clients.

"The Endless Pool has been a tremendous asset to our practice," reports Robert J. Caucci, Co-Owner of Conshohocken Physical Therapy. To fit their Endless Pools model in this existing room, they customized the size to be two feet shorter than standard; for greater resistance, they added six inches of depth.

In addition to one-on-one aquatic physical therapy, your Endless Pools therapy pool can provide a range of services for a diverse audience base. To start your pool revenue flowing, consider some of these programming options among your physical therapy marketing strategies.

Of course, a physical therapy clinic doesn't need to use all of these marketing strategies to succeed and prosper. These suggestions show the wide range of physical therapy marketing strategies that an individual clinic can consider. The best, most profitable niches for your clinic to fill will depend on your existing practice, your market, and its existing local resources.

1. Small-group Post-therapy Classes

Provide continued value to your clients after their prescribed therapy concludes. For your client, the classes maintain advances in flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and balance. For you, the classes convert your insured clients into cash customers.

The small-group setting controls their costs while building community for continued participation. Just one complimentary session can engage them for long-term attendance.

2. Swim Training

In-place swimming, augmented by video recording and our optional swim mirrors, offers unparalleled opportunities for stroke analysis and real-time adjustment. Speed up the variable swim current, and it's an excellent endurance-training tool.

  • High school and college teams – Contact your local schools or district to suggest swim-training field trips to your facility.
  • Triathlon clubs – Offer small-group training or club pool rentals. Endless Pools has a long history of sponsorship and participation at triathlons, so expect to find an informed and receptive audience among USA-Triathlon-registered clubs.

3. Swimming Lessons

With its fully adjustable swim-current speed, the Endless Pool also makes an approachable venue for beginners. It’s deep enough to swim in, but shallow enough to stand in, so it's particularly well suited to those with a fear of deep water.

The American Swimming Coaches Association offers a listing of certified instructors in all fields. U.S. Swim School Association and USA Swimming each have a wealth of swim instruction resources.

"You can’t function in the aquatic therapy world without having an Endless Pool," says Matt Sobolewski, Clinic Director at Kinetic Physical Therapy, where they have this model with its Underwater Treadmill. "We want to have the best Physical Therapists with the best product, and that’s really what Endless Pools is."

4. Arthritis Therapy Classes

The Arthritis Foundation certifies instructors for its six-week Aquatic Program. For other forms of therapy, the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute can help you find instructors.

5. Aqua Yoga, Aerobics, and Other Disciplines

These classes are especially popular with seniors, a growing population that’s proven more than willing to spend on fitness classes that cater to their low-impact needs. Usually done in a small-class setting, one-on-one instruction can also be upsold.

The Aquatic Exercise Association and the American Council on Exercise each list instructors and offer certification options.

6. Align with Recognized Brands

Zumba® is the popular fitness program that combines upbeat world rhythms with simple choreography for a full-body workout, and they’ve extended their proven 'fitness party' formula into the pool. Zumba Fitness can help you find certified Zumba instructors and certification options.

The wildly popular CrossFit is a program of high-intensity functional movements that change daily. Still, many dedicated CrossFitters take to the pool for a low-impact WOD (workout of the day). You can find certified CrossFit trainers working in a 'box' near you.

7. Water Pilates

Water Pilates (and its branded cousin, Poolates®) gives a low-impact twist to the popular conditioning discipline. The Pilates Method Alliance lets you find instructors and certification opportunities.

8. Watsu® Aquatic Bodywork

Watsu is the branded name for ‘water Shiatsu’ massage. The one-on-one sessions require warm water, giving your Endless Pool a leg up on the competition. The Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association offers a registry of all trained instructors.

9. Infant Swimming Self-rescue/Survival Swimming

Basic water skills – such as floating and rolling into a face-up position – can save a child’s life. Organizations such as Infant Swimming Resource and Infant Aquatics let you search for instructors and find instructor training.

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