The Commercial Underwater Treadmill

Step up your physical therapy game by taking it to the water

Product Introduction

Physical therapists swear by it for surgical rehab, pain-free exercise, and gait training. Gyms love it for recovery workouts and cross-training. It's in high demand at active adult communities and triathlon studios. Our exclusive Underwater Treadmill exponentially multiplies the fitness capacity of any Endless Pools® Commercial model.

The high impact of traditional treadmills takes its toll on joints, muscles, and the spine. With the low-impact Underwater Treadmill, the buoyancy of the water takes the weight off of sensitive joints and muscles. The water adds hydrostatic pressure to facilitate faster recoveries. With our Underwater Treadmill, you can offer your clients as vigorous a workout as they choose. You can amp the physical challenge up even further by combining the treadmill motion with our signature resistance current. In all, you can provide your clients with the rigor of a challenging cardiovascular workout without the negative side effects they would experience in a traditional workout setting.

Built for performance and exhaustively tested for durability, the Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill works in tandem with our resistance current to create the ideal environment for measurable improvements and faster outcomes.

Product Applications

Triathlon Studios
Physical Therapy

Product Uses

Marathon Training
Gait Training
Triathlon Training
Surgical Rehabilitation

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From 0.5 - 5.5 MPH
Belt Width
Overall Dimensions
50" long x 31.75" wide x 4.6" tall
Electrical Requirements
220v 30amp GFCI

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