7 Mighty Man Caves for Men (photos)

Men who love swimming will find inspiration in these swimming pool caves

Man caves serve as sanctuaries, spaces dedicated to the tastes and passions of the men who inhabit them. And for men who love swimming, there's no better way to appoint your man cave than with an Endless Pools® swimming machine.

The modular Endless Pool installs easily indoors. All components fit through doors and downstairs, so you can put your Endless Pool in the basement and other cavelike existing rooms.

If you're seeking man cave ideas of your own, start by checking out these swimmer-friendly set-ups!

The charcoal tile lends a robust air to this basement man cave, while the Endless Pool adds a decisive blue, thanks to the optional underwater lighting. Endless Pools can also be outfitted with an Underwater Treadmill for low-impact running and jogging, making it easy to get active while watching the big game.

In this man cave, the clean kitchenette is balanced by the rugged, distressed textures of the pool skirting and wainscoting. The manual retractable security cover, at the lower left, traps in heat and humidity when the pool is not in use. (We have automatic covers too, but who's afraid of putting in a little elbow grease to get the job done?!)

Deep red walls and exposed wood beams define this man cave with a luxe but potent vibe. As its centerpiece, the partially inground Endless Pool offers convenient access to a vigorous swim session ... because a man should have to earn the right to kick back in his indoor hammock!

This converted garage delivers functional simplicity. From the fireplace to the hot tub, a guy has everything he needs, all in a no-fuss, neutral palette, punctuated by the bold, autumnal pop of the pillows. In back, the Endless Pool gets a space-saving corner installation, fully above-ground for ease and affordability.

Another converted garage, but with abundant natural light and rich earth tones for the floor and walls. The Native American motif recalls an earlier era of hunters and warriors; the 'river,' however, has been replaced by a crystal-clear, low-chlorine Endless Pool, with a current you can master at the touch of a button.

The wall of windows may say 'sunroom,' but that climbing wall screams 'cave'! The Endless Pools Original Series pool is fully in ground in this home gym. Given the many options for dry-land and aquatic fitness, that chocolate-brown leather sofa should provide some well-deserved comfort at the end of a vigorous workout.

This fitness room gets its cave-like feel from the organic shapes of the stonework finishing. A guy can do cardio, strength training and boxing before kicking back on the couch in the foreground. This Endless Pool features our automatic retractable cover, barely visible at the far end, with turnkey functionality for a clean look, humidity control, and safety.

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