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Endless Pools® vs. Infinity Pools

If you're like a lot of people, you sometimes call an Endless Pool an "infinity pool."

Yes, an Endless Pool does let you swim 'infinitely' forward with no flip-turns, thanks to its variable-speed swim current. But to avoid confusion, you might want to call the 'treadmill for swimmers' by its more popular, branded name: Endless Pool.

The term "infinity pool" is sometimes used for an "infinite edge pool," "vanishing edge pool," or "negative edge pool." These are pools that have no swim current. Instead, they have one or more exposed wall (the weir) that's a fraction of an inch shorter than the water level, so water flows into a catch basin below. When positioned high on a perch, they create the stunning optical illusion of water extending 'infinitely' to the horizon.

Let's take a look below at the major differences between these two types of swimming pools:

  Endless Pools Infinity Edge Pools
endless pool endless pool endless pool endless pool
infinity pool infinity pool infinity pool infinity pool


Affordable, indoors or out

Endless Pool models start at $23,900 with a swim current

Just $9,400 for a WaterWell therapy pool (not for swimming)

Infinity edge pools are all custom-built; the larger, more elaborate ones can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That's because the pool's "vanishing edge" requires a complex structural and mechanical feat. You'll need architects and engineers to design the foundation and the catch basin (to manage the water's overflow).

Unlike for Endless Pools, installers for an infinity edge pool are rare, and thus expensive.

Once it's built, an infinity edge pool costs more in water (they can't be covered, so more evaporates) and energy (the massive pumps from the catch basin run constantly) than an Endless Pool.


Year-round access. It's always summer with an Endless Pool!

Everything you'd do in a traditional in-ground pool – get fit, relax, cool off, play – plus swimming (and at a lower cost!).

Like any large pool, an infinity-edge pool can only be used a few months a year in most climates.

An infinity edge pool requires costly, time-consuming winterizing.


Smooth, even current – wider than your body, deeper than your stroke

Swim as long as you want – no flip-turns!

Easily adjustable speeds

Friendly to beginners, challenging to Olympians

An infinity edge pool is designed to give you a spectacular view, not to give you a satisfying workout.


Perfect family fun all year long.

For boogie boarding, Marco Polo, or just splashing around, kids and grandkids love the adjustable current.

During the warm months only, an infinity edge pool is a great place to cool off, hang out, and get the most dramatic backdrop for selfies!

Just be careful with children – the exposed edge of a negative edge pool increases the risk of falling out.


Custom sizes and finish options to design the pool of your dreams.

Use any finish material – tile, marble, wood, etc. – to match your décor.

A range of different models to suit your lifestyle

Infinity edge pool designs tend to be elaborate and justifiably costly.


Requires a space as small as 9' x 14'

Installs practically anywhere, even in existing rooms.

Allows much more room for patios or decks than traditional in-ground pools

The more land allotted to your negative edge pool, the more breathtaking the visual illusion.

They're most impactful when installed near a grand ocean vista or on a cliffside perch.

Energy Efficiency

Uses less space, water, and chemicals than traditional in-ground pools

Lower energy bills from insulated pool walls and less water

Super-efficient 120-watt pump

An infinity edge pool is expensive to operate due to the constant pumping of large amounts of water from its catch basin.

Extending the season for your vanishing edge pool beyond a few months generally requires a huge heater, and as the pool can't be covered, expect high energy bills.


Takes just a few days with two handy people in an existing space

Affordable Factory-Trained Installers available

Simple enough for DIY

Installation alone can costs tens of thousands.

The foundation is the most costly engineering challenge.

An experienced infinity edge pool installer is highly recommended due to the logistical difficulties involved; these installers are few and far between.

May take months.


Minimal chlorine

Nature2 copper/silver purification system, kinder on your skin and eyes

Automatic UV Water Purifier available

Solar cover included

Extremely costly over the life of the negative edge pool

An infinity edge pool requires much larger amounts of chemicals than Endless Pools.

New water must be steadily added; an infinity edge pool can't be covered, so there's constant evaporation

The foundation and structural work must be maintained to prevent a landslide from a collapsed vanishing edge wall, or weir.

Not everyone can afford the grandeur and upkeep of an infinity edge pool. For an affordable, compact installation for year-round swimming, fitness, therapy, and family fun, you want an Endless Pool. Choose from one of these models:

  • Original Endless Pool – Our steel-panel pool provides maximum design flexibility and can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Endless Pool Swim Spa – Our one-piece acrylic models combine the industry's leading swim current with spa seating.
  • WaterWell Pool – Ideal for aquatic therapy, our most affordable model is like an Original Endless Pool without the swim current.

The Endless Pool®. Swim the Original. Experience the best.

Swim whenever you like on your own schedule at your own perfect pace. No traveling, no crowded pools, no heavy chlorine. Just your own precision engineered swimming pool,where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that's fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Our swimming pools are simple to install, easy to maintain, and economical to run.

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