8 Key Differences between Endless™ Pools and Infinity Pools

Don't let the names fool you. While both imply eternity, one pool makes for pretty Instagram shots and one gives you complete versatility for swimming, fitness, therapy, and family fun.

It's understandable that so many people get the names confused. After all, modular Endless Pool with Hydrodrive™ Technology lets you swim 'infinitely' forward with no flip-turns, thanks to its adjustable current.

The stunning look of an infinity edge pool costs $79,000 on average. Expect elevated pools with a grand city view to cost significantly more. The high cost is just one differentiator between these infinity pools and an Endless Pools installation.  (Photo used by permission from @mahmoudbouguermouh)

The term "infinity pool" specifically refers to an "infinite edge pool," "vanishing edge pool," or "negative edge pool." These are pools that have no swim current. Instead, they have one or more exposed walls (the weir) that's a fraction of an inch shorter than the water level, so water flows into a catch basin below. When positioned high on a perch, they create the stunning optical illusion of water extending 'infinitely' to the horizon.

Let's take a look below at the major differences between these two types of swimming pools:

1. Cost

Endless Pools models cost less than the average traditional in-ground pool. Upfront costs vary, and you'll certainly save year after year thanks to Endless Pools' state-of-the-art purification systems and decreased water usage.

Infinity pools, on the other hand, are always custom-built. According to the Home Advisor, the average cost is $79,000 or "two to three times [the] amount" that you'd spend on an Endless Pools product. The most elaborate ones can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It takes a complex structural and mechanical feat to create the pool's 'vanishing edge.' Architects and engineers must design the foundation and the catch basin that manages the water's overflow.

Endless Pools models can be installed DIY or by almost any contractor; our Endless Pools swim spas only require an electrical hookup. But infinity-pool installers are rare, and thus expensive.

Once it's built, an infinity edge pool costs more in water (they can't be covered, so there's constant evaporation) and energy (the massive pumps from the catch basin run around the clock) than any Endless Pools model.

2. Usage

Adjustable Endless Pools current adds options for uninterrupted swimming, aquatic workouts, and more vigorous playtime. You won't get that in your infinity pool!

Plus, Endless Pools offers the option for indoor installation, giving you a year-round pool season. Infinity-edge pools, like all large pools, can only be used a few months out of the year in most climates. Expect your annual winterization process to be time-consuming and costly.

You can install any Endless Pools model with a cityscape view too! On a secure rooftop and fully above ground, this pool offers an escape from the city's hustle and bustle. 

3. Fun

Nothing beats an infinity-edge pool for dramatic selfies! Of course, if you prefer to do more in your pool than just splash, cool off, and pose, then an Endless Pools current would open up new possibilities for all ages.

Of course, you should always accompany children for pool time and watch them closely. Bear in mind that the infinity edge, often perched as high as possible for visual impact, poses a unique risk of falling out.

4. Design

As showpiece pools first and foremost, infinity pool designs tend to be elaborate and justifiably costly.

Designed for function first, Endless Pools products offer complete aesthetic versatility for your home and budget. You can choose our affordable, utilitarian finishing options for our Original pools, or you can choose locally sourced finishing materials, from luxe marble to reclaimed wood.

Our Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spas all come standard with a sleek, modern cabinet designed for beauty and easy maintenance.

5. Space

The more land you can allot to your negative edge pool, the more breathtaking the visual illusion. These pools are most impactful when installed facing a grand ocean vista or on a cliffside perch.

By contrast, a standard Endless Pools Original model has a footprint of about 14 feet by 9 feet. Our smallest swim spa takes up 12 feet by approximately 7.5 feet of ground.

Of course, you can install any Endless Pools model with a striking view. Our space-saving design also makes garages, basements, and spare rooms possible, if year-round pool access or conserving your outdoor real estate are priorities.

Cost, maintenance, and installation complexity are just a few of the reasons that people prefer infinity edge pools on vacation, as at this Puerto Vallarta resort, as opposed to home. (Photo used by permission of @lalo_vblogs)

6. Energy Efficiency

An infinity edge pool is expensive to operate due to the constant pumping of large amounts of water from its catch basin. For your vanishing edge pool, extending the season beyond a few months generally requires a huge heater; these pools cannot be covered, so expect high energy bills.

With significantly less water than the average infinity pool, standard Endless Pools models operate with a super-efficient 120-watt pump.

The cabinet of any Modular Modular Endless Pool model can be super-insulated to conserve heat. Endless Pools Swim Spas come with three layers of insulation, our Tri-Thermic® Barrier System, standard in every cabinet. Insulated covers are a cost-efficient option for every model.

Unlike vanishing edge pools, this Endless Pools Performance model was built for action! In this sunroom, you can swim, exercise, play, and relax all year round. 

7. Installation

Infinity pool installation alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars; the foundation is the costliest engineering challenge. Installers are few and far between, and you don't want to skimp there: An experienced infinity edge pool installer is highly recommended due to the logistical difficulties involved. Even then, expect a months-long process.

By comparison, an Endless Pools Original model takes a matter of days for assembly; Endless Pools Fitness Systems need only to be placed on a level cement pad followed by an electrical hookup.

8. Maintenance

With regular maintenance, Endless Pools models can have crystal-clear water in just minutes a week. It's easier and lower-cost than traditional in-ground pools.

By contrast, your negative-edge pool will be extremely costly over its life. An infinity edge pool requires much larger amounts of chemicals than even traditional pools. New water must be steadily added; infinity edge pools can't be covered, so there's constant evaporation.

Potentially the biggest cost will be to the maintenance of your infinity pool's foundation and structural work; it's required to prevent the vanishing edge wall, or weir, from collapsing and causing a landslide.

Not everyone can afford the grandeur and upkeep of an infinity edge pool. For a lower-cost, space-saving installation for year-round swimming, fitness, therapy, and family fun, contact your Endless Pools representative for the perfect model for your family.

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