Be the Alpha of Canine Hydrotherapy

Expand your practice offerings. Dip into a new source of profitability.

Unlock the therapeutic power of water for your canine patients.

Research shows the tremendous benefits and relief that canine hydrotherapy provides for dogs facing a wide variety of physical challenges. Accelerate recovery and achieve results for dogs with RCCL tears, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, overweight/obesity, edema/joint effusion, and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Fetch a new stream of revenue by bringing the referrals in-house.

Many veterinarians provide third-party referrals for aquatic therapy. But Endless Pools offers a cost-effective way to bring this service in-house, so that you can easily establish your own therapy pool within your clinic. Build new opportunities for your existing client base to engage their pets in this unique, beneficial therapy. Grow your client base by becoming an aquatic therapy destination for other clinics, that can then refer their canine patients to your facility. And most pet insurance policies cover canine hydrotherapy, so you will simultaneously increase the capabilities and profitability of your practice.

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