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Pools Designed for Service

Our Commercial Series pools have been designed for durability, ease of maintenance, and versatility for swimming and other low-impact exercises. Our options for fitness and therapy, including our exclusive Underwater Treadmill and the Aquabike, allow our public servants to train, rehab, recover, and revitalize. With customized sizing and onsite installation, these pools fit almost anywhere, even in existing rooms.

Anti-Stress Pools for High-Stress Personnel

For our military men and women, fitness and stress reduction are vital for readiness and peak performance. Our government civilians benefit from de-stressing, low-impact activity too. Many of their institutions have already turned to Endless Pools for efficient, year-round aquatic facilities. Endless Pools is proud to have our products in use by all branches of the military, at home and abroad.

Success Story

Thule Air Force Base


In 2016, Endless Pools installed our top-of-the-line Elite model at Thule Air Base, 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle. That's where the men and women of the 821st Air Base Group run missile-warning and space-surveillance systems that are vital to our national security. When outside temperatures routinely tip to -30° F, the Elite – with its 85° water and Underwater Treadmill – gives them much-needed fitness and recreation opportunities!


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