SwimLabs & Endless Pools®: The Winning Combination

The fastest-growing swim-school franchise chose Endless Pools as their pool provider

So, you want to swim better. Or learn to swim as an adult. Or teach your kids life-saving skills in the water. There are lots of ways to develop your swimming skills. As we'll see below, there are excellent reasons that they say, "Better Swimmers Start in the Lab."

SwimLabs is the fast-growing swim-school franchise dedicated to helping people gain confidence in the pool and open water. That's why SwimLabs swim studios use more than three dozen Endless Pools Commercial pools across their 16 locations coast to coast – from Maryland to Orange County – with six more locations set to open soon. Last year, they expanded their footprint internationally with a swim school in Istanbul. What makes them stand out?

The SwimLabs Method

For starters, SwimLabs has passionate coaches. Each SwimLabs coach is experienced and fully qualified to teach everything from bubbles to butterfly. The coaches all use SwimLabs' exclusive swimming curriculum, which was developed by their senior coaches. Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin also helps the swim school to innovate teaching methods for basic swimming skills and competitive technique.

Then of course, there are their Endless Pools installations. These compact pools provide unique advantages. For beginning or fearful swimmers, the walls are within easy reach, and the perimeter benches give kids a place to stand as they acclimate. Compared to a traditional pool, Endless Pools models are relatively shallow; most have our standard 39-inch water depth, while some go as deep as 51 inches.

Swimmers use the smooth Endless Pools current to swim in place. It adjusts for every swimmer, from a gentle crawl for beginners to a rigorous sprint for more experienced swimmers.

In every Endless Pools model they own, SwimLabs installs multiple underwater cameras to capture each swimmer's technique from every angle. The pools also feature Endless Pools underwater mirrors to allow swimmers to monitor and correct their strokes in real time.

And since it's tough to develop confidence when you're shivering, Endless Pools models are heated. The warm water creates a more relaxed environment for all swimmers, from kids in learn-to-swim classes to competitive athletes fine-tuning for a new PB.

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Rave Reviews for SwimLabs

In their review of SwimLabs' coaching methods in their Endless Pools, Triathlete magazine called it "the most efficient way to become a better swimmer." The article quotes SwimLabs founder Michael Mann, who was also the studio's first student; he proudly reports that, after stroke analysis with the Endless Pools current, "My times when I was 55 were as fast as when I was in college."

Younger swimmers can trust the enthusiastic 'two thumbs up' from vlogger SwimLifeGuru (Lindsey to her friends). In her first freestyle lesson in the Endless Pools Commercial pool at SwimLabs Issaquah, she learned to quicken her breathing and narrow her arm position during the pull phase.

For teaching her autistic twins to swim, one California mother praised SwimLabs for their "wonderful" environment. She'd previously taken the 7-year-olds to a big public pool, but "it was loud and chaotic, and I found they weren’t learning much." By contrast, SwimLabs coaches receive training specific to special-needs swimmers, and "They’ve helped my kids make a great deal of progress," the mother reported.

Triathlon Training

Swimming skills are a vital piece of the puzzle for triathletes. Many triathletes, both age-groupers and professionals, cite swimming as their weakest leg of the race; and many runner/cyclists cite their limited swimming skills as the barrier that keeps them from racing triathlon.

All U.S. SwimLabs swim schools have been designated Official IRONMAN® Training Centers, with many SwimLabs coaches earning IRONMAN U® coach certifications. SwimLabs also host IRONMAN clinics for small-group training.

Triathletes and marathon swimmers praise the Endless Pools swim current for its extraordinary recreation of open-water conditions. With Endless Pools, they swim directly into a moving current – the same as they do in an ocean, river, or bay – offering them a truly unique advantage.

Some SwimLabs locations feature the Endless Pools Elite pool. This model features our largest, smoothest swim current with the fastest top speed. Accomplished triathletes can take the Endless Pools Elite Challenge and see how long they can sprint at its blistering top speed of 0:51/100 yards!

World-Class Coaching

SwimLabs periodically hosts their Champions Clinics, small-group swim training taught by Olympic swimmers. With enrollment capped at 12, each child can get individualized attention from the decorated coaches.

Past coaches for SwimLabs Champions Clinics have included Olympic gold-medalists Kelsi Worrell-Dahlia, David Walters, and Jason Lezak.

With or without the marquee names, you can be sure that you'll get a passionate instructor for measurable gains at any SwimLabs location. And in one of their Endless Pools commercial pools, you'll enjoy the ideal swimming environment for comfort and continued skill development.

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