Triathlon Training

Endless™ Pools provides the ultimate training tool

By eliminating turns, you can build true open water endurance.

Swim training with the Endless™ Pools Hydrodrive™ current is like swimming in open water – no turns, no shared lanes, no stopping.

The water flow is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke creating a smooth, comfortable, river-like current to swim against. With your own convenient pool, train as long as you want, on your schedule. What's more, your Endless Pools training gives you the resources to do an entire triathlon in your neighborhood – even practice transitions at home!

"As soon as I started using the Endless Pool, my Achilles stopped getting stiff. That was a massive, massive benefit. The pool made a huge difference."

Alistair Brownlee, Olympic Gold Medalist

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Maximize the potential of your pool.

Seeing the benefits that Endless Pools training provides, many of the leading triathlon stores and coaches have installed our pools to provide their clients with the best possible tools to improve their swim technique.

Add an underwater treadmill and reduce the wear and tear on your joints. It's perfect for muscle recovery, injury rehab and fitness development. Regular Endless Pools training will help you achieve a new PB – we guarantee it!

"The pool is paying great dividends in time shaved off my swim... I qualified to race in the Ironman World Championships in Kona."

Eddie H., Castle Rock, CO

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How Professional & Age-Group Triathletes Get Out of the Water Faster

Jonny & Alistair Brownlee
World champions & Olympic medalists
Luke McKenzie
8-time IRONMAN™ champion
Pete Jacobs
2012 IRONMAN™ World Champion
Steve Walker
U.S. Marine and blind triathlete
Derek Fitzgerald
Heart transplant recipient & cancer survivor
Carol Blattspieler
Nurse practitioner & 5-time IRONMAN™

Success Story

Lionel Sanders
Windsor, ON

"My first triathlon back in 2010, I was almost last place out of the water," recalls professional triathlete Lionel Sanders. A self-described "weak swimmer," he installed an Endless Pools High Performance model in his basement. With the pool's mirrors, he could identify and fix his technique. The result: At IRONMAN Kona that same year, he exited the water exactly 3 minutes faster than his previous best.

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