Pools in a Sloped Backyard?

Difficult backyard terrain calls for innovative solutions

A sloped backyard limits functional outdoor space for most homeowners. Often it takes major excavation and leveling to transform a sloped area, which is particularly challenging for homeowners on a budget.

For the last thirty years, the Team at Endless Pools has been speaking with homeowners with challenging worksites, and we've successfully navigated the most difficult of locations. If you’ve always wanted a pool on a non-level landscape, an Endless Pools representative can help problem-solve for your unique situation.

Carol integrated this Original pool into home, a renovated barn, as part of her deck expansion. Now, she can swim in her sloped backyard in the Philadelphia suburbs. She enjoys backstroke, and based on the reflection on the pool water, that gives her a lovely open view.

In the meantime, here are some ideas to consider for your backyard pool project:


If your backyard doesn't seem to be the right fit for a pool, there are lots of ways to adapt it! Even if you don’t want to excavate —which you can definitely do— there are solutions.

  • You could choose to build a pool deck with stairs to connect two different levels of your backyard.

  • You could even build a pool deck above your backyard! Then it doesn’t matter whether the ground is uneven or not, and you can have stairs from your backyard to reach it.

  • Consider turning a sloped backyard into a backyard with two distinct levels and just have the pool on one of those.

  • Another option is to add to the lower end of the slope to level everything out if the slope is less severe.

Is your entire backyard sloped? Our pools can be installed with a footprint as narrow as nine-feet wide! A full-size pool would be a challenge in this sloped backyard, while our Original pool fits right in!

You can choose to prepare your sloped backyard yourself. But like the assembly of the pool, you can hire help. There are plenty of landscaping services available, and many pool companies offer their own landscaping capabilities.

It's a pool with a view! These homeowners extended their patio out over their sloped backyard. This Original Series pool is on a concrete slab placed so that the pool gets a fully in-ground feel ... without excavation. Endless Pools offers consultation services to help engineer your dream pool.

Pool Options

Just as you can modify your backyard to suit your pool, you can also modify your pool in a sloped backyard so that it fits!

At Endless Pools, you have the option to build your pools above-ground, partially in-ground, or fully in-ground.

You could also go with some combination of the two, building your pool into the slope so it is in-ground on one side and above-ground on another.

This Endless Pools customer assembled his Performance pool himself! He had contractors reinforce the slope to support a swimming pool with a grand view and stone-veneer skirting for an organic feel.

With our modular design, you could even choose to build a pool indoors if you’re struggling to find room in your outdoor space.

If you’re in doubt about whether a pool in your sloped backyard will work, consult experts on the subject. The Endless Pools team has decades of experience creating pools in a range of locations, including in sloped backyards.

When your sloped backyard prohibits a full-size pool, this compact Performance pool comes with customizable sizing to make the most of your available space.

Our Sloped Backyard Pools

Endless Pools offers several different models that may be a great fit for a sloped backyard, including our very first Original pool. It has customization options for location, size, and finishing.

The WaterWell® pool is a great fit for exercise, therapy, or fun. This plunge pool comes without our signature current, and its smaller size makes it perfect for any backyard.

Yes, you can have a pool at your mountainside home! Homeowners Larry and Janet created this pool deck with a clean geometry and rustic textures at their home in the Verdugo Mountains. They use their Original pool six days a week for swimming and water aerobics.

We also offer several Accessibility Options, such as stairs for above-ground pools, which could benefit a pool in a sloped backyard.

No matter what your backyard looks like, you should be able to get the pool you’ve always wanted, and Endless Pools has the perfect solution to do that.

Turning lemons into lemonade, this homeowner transformed a steeply sloped yard into a glorious tiered garden. On a lower level, Kristen installed our Performance pool to stay fit and active with low-impact pool workouts.

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