Plunge Pool and Hot Tub Combo

The perfect balance of recreation and relaxation

Depending on where you live, pools near you likely close after Labor Day. As one season ends, the baton is passed from summer pool parties to crisp autumn evenings enveloped in hot tub conversation and relaxation. If you love both, there’s no need to compromise.

This couple brought fitness and spa luxury to their own backyard. Our top-of-the-line plunge pool and hot tub combo, the E2000 swim spa features our signature current in a dual-chamber swim spa. He's jogging on our Underwater Treadmill at a comfy 85 degrees F, while she's unwinding in jetted hydromassage seats at an invigorating 104.

Pros of a Plunge Pool

One of the hallmarks of a plunge pool is that it's less expensive than other types of pools, which is a result of its smaller size. The typical size of plunge pools also means easier assembly and maintenance.

A pool that takes up less space will give you more flexibility on where you build it. For example, if you don’t have sufficient backyard space, you can get an indoor pool for year-round use, rain or shine! Endless Pools swim spas can be set up indoors if your house is a new construction or if your door is wider than the spa.

Despite their compact size, our swim spas feature a smooth current to swim in place. With our adjustable current, you get a better swim than even in a full-size pool, one with no flip turns to break your rhythm.

Any size plunge pool makes a great addition to your home as a hang-out spot for your family and guests. When the weather gets colder, you’ll want a plunge pool with a heater to enjoy in comfort.

They're staying fit and unwinding at home! Our Endless Pools Exercise System X2000 swim spa lets her swim in place with our airless four-jet current. And he can rotate among the spa seats to feel 36 hydromassage jets, each positioned uniquely for total-body relaxation.

Pros of a Hot Tub

If you plan to use your plunge pool to exercise, all the more reason for you to get a hot tub, too! It’ll give you space for recovery and relaxation after a swim or aquatic workout. The hydromassage jets in a hot tub provide an experience that's both soothing and invigorating

If you get one and not the other, then you’d be missing out on some great features! Is the solution for you to invest both a hot tub and a pool. A better option might be to get the best of both worlds in one model. With a plunge pool and hot tub combo, you’ll have a retreat that you can use during every season, too.

Our swim spas — a cross between a pool and a hot tub – come equipped with jetted hydromassage seats that give you a space to relieve stress. However, you’ll also have plenty of room to swim, exercise, and play!

Pros of Our Plunge Pool and Hot Tub Combo

Though all our models could be considered plunge pools, our swim spas are the perfect combination of plunge pool and hot tub!

In fact, we have two models that include separate areas for the pool and hot tub. Our E2000 Fitness System comes with two separate sections with independent temperature controls. You can be active against the hydraulic current in temperate water on one side and enjoy steamy water and jets in the seating area on the other.

Our X2000 Exercise System also is a plunge pool and hot tub combo that’s divided into two areas with different temperature settings. This swim spa's current features our airless four-jet technology that creates a smooth current for fitness and swimming in place.

No matter which model you decide on, you'll love the best features of plunge pools and hot tubs in an all-season Endless Pools swim spa!

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