5 Stunning Endless Pools Pictures

The versatile Endless Pools® product line can look cozy or luxurious, organic or outstanding, as you can see from these stellar recent photographs!

Our signature current lets you swim in place outdoors, in spare rooms, or in new additions. In consultation with our experienced Product Specialists, these five homeowners have created beautiful, even surprising installations to promote fun, fitness, and property value. Take a look at the versatile designs of these pools…

Enjoy a bit of Mediterranean glamour in this Knoxville, Tennessee, garden! Installed partially in-ground, this Endless Pools Performance model has been customized with a 51" water depth. When not swimming, exercising, or just cooling off, the homeowners enjoy plenty of room for outdoor entertaining, as the compact design also functions as a illuminated water feature.

Winters can be rough in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, this Endless Pools Original model offers year-round access to warm-water swimming and splashing. By customizing the water depth to 45", the owners get more buoyancy and less joint impact when training on their Underwater Treadmill. They smartly saved space in a room with a sloped ceiling by cornering their pool, thanks to the internal components' easy accessibility from a single side.

The water's always warm outside in Seattle, Washington, thanks to this smartly placed Endless Pools model! The silver strip at the top of the pool is the Automatic Retractable Security Cover; with the turn of a key, the owners can secure the pool from debris, children and critters, as well as heat loss and evaporation. Better still, splashing won't harm the nearby plants, thanks to our low-chlorine water quality system.

When it's not catching the blazing Tucson, Arizona, sun, this fully in-ground Endless Pools installation gets used for in-place swimming and cross-training. (The glare hides any glimpse of the Underwater Treadmill.) These homeowners opted for our Performance current, which adjusts to a competitive top pace of 1:05/100 yards, and for a custom size of 10' x 15' with a 51' water depth.

Pool enclosures make an affordable option for year-round swimming in a sunroom environment. When the light is right, the overhead panels will make a clever backstroke mirror for this swimmer! This Endless Pools Original model, located in Rochester, New York, features our spa rail (front, left) for easy access and our Manual Retractable Security Cover (rear) to affordably control humidity and help maintain water temperature.


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