8 Luxury Pools at a Great Value

Do you ever wish you could escape to a luxurious resort without leaving your home? A luxury pool might be the perfect answer for you.

What is a Luxury Pool?

There is no one correct answer as to what defines a luxury pool. Every luxury pool concept holds limitless potential, and it depends on personal preference, budget, and available space. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

In New York City's Flatiron district, a private swim can be difficult to find! On this rooftop, an Endless Pools Original pool provides a respite from the 'city that never sleeps.' The owners customized this model to 8-by-17 feet and opted for our Automatic Pool Cover to lock out debris and to trap in heat and humidity.

Luxury pools can take many forms – from an outdoor oasis with perimeter seating to an indoor spa skirted in stone. The only consistent feature of luxury pools across the board is the feeling of extravagance, mixed with warmth, that they give to everyone fortunate enough to dip in.

Often the most stunning luxury pools are in unexpected locations, such as rooftops or mountainsides. With Endless Pools’ modular design, it is easy to install a luxury pool in existing rooms and other less-than-obvious sites. With a team of architects, designers, and engineers, Endless Pools can help you design the luxury pool of your dreams – even on a steep slope or in a basement.

This ranch home is humble, at least by the standards of LA's tony Bel Air neighborhood. The backyard Endless Pools model doubles as a reflecting pond to deliver jaw-dropping visuals to a less-than-spacious backyard. This model was customized to 10-by-16 feet with our Automatic Pool Cover installed below deck.

Designing a custom pool that suits the aesthetics of the location is key for luxury pool. Fortunately, the ability to customize the pool’s size and depth is easy with Endless Pools, and each pool can match seamlessly to any design customization.

What are the Uses of Luxury Pools?

In addition to being a beautiful part of a home’s design, luxury pools can be used for entertaining, relaxing, exercising, or even aquatic rehab and therapy.

This grand Virginia home boasts six bedrooms, six baths, and one Endless Pools backyard pool! Besides being a gorgeous addition to their private garden, the pool gets used for relaxation and triathlon training. Triathletes praise the Endless Pools current for its excellent simulation of open water conditions; and when you're training for three sports at once, swimming at home is a luxury in itself!

For swimming, even the most expansive luxury pools have limitations. You can only enjoy a few strokes before hitting the wall. Fortunately, the Endless Pools swim current gives users the option to swim in place, even in a pool that is only 12’ long.

The Endless Pools Fastlane® Pro current system puts our signature current in almost any traditional pool. The deck-mount Fastlane model can be easily retrofitted to existing pools. During new pool construction, the wall-mount Fastlane option delivers a cleaner look and can even be installed below-deck and out of sight.

Even the most opulent pools deliver significantly more value when they’re functional!

Already have a luxury penthouse suite? The modular Endless Pools Original Series models can be installed in existing spaces too. All pool components fit through standard doorways and down stairs (and apparently on elevators!). This installation has been decked out with custom stone coping for the expanded 9-by-14-foot water area.

How Much do Luxury Pools Cost?

While luxury pools are typically more expensive than an average backyard pool, you can make your installation more cost-effective. For example, installing your pool above ground avoids the costly, risky excavation that in-ground pools typically require.

Dark Brazilian wood decking and a bamboo 'privacy wall' lend an exotic air to this otherwise simple Endless Pools setup. The slightly elevated decking gives the posh vibe of a fully in-ground pool, even though they only excavated to a partial depth!

This beautiful installation lets the husband swim in place against the Endless Pools current, the wife get pain-free exercise for her multiple sclerosis, and their three kids enjoy active playtime.

Homeowners in the U.S. pay about $50,000, on average, for an in-ground pool. Expect to pay more for the luxury-pool add-ons, such as waterfalls, unconventional pool shapes, landscaping, or expansive sizes.

A luxury pool can transform your home from average to one-of-a-kind, or it can elevate an already posh space into a breathtaking oasis. Creating a lavish space indoors or outdoors with a luxury pool gives you a beautiful home retreat for relaxation, entertainment, or exercise.

With infinite customization options, an Endless Pool makes an efficient, price-smart, and practical option to fulfill your luxury pool and spa desires.

For this Endless Pools customer, luxury is watching the sunrise after a vigorous wake-up swim in warm water. Besides the glorious garden and mountain views, this installation gets added visual panache from the ornate tile skirting, hand-painted in vibrant organic tones.

The luxury of California wine country demands a suitably luxurious pool! In contrast with the home's Old World charms, this pool gets a technological lift from LED-illuminated fountains and the Endless Pools swim current. The winery cat (lower right) seems as entranced as we are. 

Say hello to functional luxury! With its five waterfalls and an infinity edge abutting an elevated mini-arbor, this pool certainly serves up some ritzy vibes. Centered below the trees is the Endless Pools Fastlane® system which delivers our signature current for in-place swimming.

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