Meet Rob Doezie, Independent Service Provider

RW Doezie Construction has been doing Endless Pools installations since 2004

Rob Doezie’s Endless Pools® business had a slow build. “I would do one or two a year, and then it turned into two or three,” he recalls. “Last year, Endless Pools was 60 percent of my business, and my construction business was 40 percent.” How Rob got to this point is a tale of his faith, determination, and people-first attitude.

“I’ve always liked meeting people in their homes," Rob says. "You get to know them. A lot of customers that I’ve worked with over time have actually become friends.” And while that’s personally meaningful to him, it’s also a good business strategy.

“I don’t advertise. All my work is by referral,” he notes. “So when the economy went south [in 2008], the customers that I continued to get were referrals and long-term customers who wanted to do additional work. So it’s just been relationships, and Endless Pools are just another way to build good relationships.”

Independent Service Provider Rob Doezie cites this Palos Verdes Endless Pool as among his favorites. He loved the engineering challenge of “structurally reinforcing the hillside” to support it. He also loved its meaning to the family; “they had grandkids, and the pool became an opportunity for them to encourage the family to come back and hang out.”

His involvement with Endless Pools started in 2004. “I was doing a whole-house remodel in Santa Ana. The homeowner’s husband had a neuromuscular disease that was wasting him away slowly. So she came to me during construction, handed me all this product literature for Endless Pools and asked me if I would be interested in installing it for her.”

In 2008, he attended a training at the Endless Pools Factory Showroom. “I was impressed with the entire crew, the staff, the facility. I recognized the professionalism and the quality of the product. I left that experience thinking that this was a group of guys and gals that I would love to work with.”

 Rob Doezie, of RW Doezie Construction, considers this Laguna Beach installation to be a collaboration. “A lot of these homeowners want to participate in the process, which is kind of fun.” He also enjoys providing Endless Pools for fitness and therapy. “Helping them improve their health is satisfying,” he reports.

Rob’s people-first approach to business derives from his upbringing. “My grandfather was a devout Christian and he wanted to do something for the church. Being a master craftsman, he started a church furniture business in Los Angeles with my father.” And Rob himself studied to be either a minister or a counselor before deciding to follow his family (including his three brothers) into construction.

“It always provides me with a sense of satisfaction to see that the work that I am doing is valuable to others,” he reflects. “I don’t think the work that I do is just a job. It’s an opportunity to provide people with a finished product that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.”

Recently, reality show to provide a therapy pool to an injured woman. “I found that exhilarating. You have a large group of people, 20 or more, all moving in different directions, and they didn’t have any knowledge or experience of Endless Pools. My goal was to make sure that everybody had the information they needed so things went smoothly because they had a very short timeline.”

That can-do attitude also comes from his father. “He would never look at a project as a problem; it was always a challenge.” And by seeing the silver lining, Rob has transformed his personal fulfillment into a reliable income stream as one of Endless Pools’ most in-demand Independent Service Providers.

Luxe Brazilian walnut skirting helps make this partially in-ground Endless Pool a real standout! This photo of Rob Doezie's installation won the 2011 Endless Pools Photo Contest.

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