6 Pain Caves for Demanding Swimmers

For some, it's a mental space. For these Endless Pools® customers, the "pain cave" occupies a physical space too. If you need a place to push yourself to your most demanding workout, on land or in the water, the pain cave is your destination!

Endless Pools models are uniquely suited to swim training for a new personal best. With our swim mirrors and the options for underwater video, swimming in place with the Endless Pools current lets you get a laser-focus on your technique. You can observe every movement to fine-tune your stroke. With a more efficient swim stroke, you can swim harder for exponential gains.

Ironically, aquatic exercise is used by many for relief from pain. Those suffering from debilitating ailments, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, can stay active, build muscle, and improve flexibility with aquatic therapy. In the water, they can move in ways that are too painful on dry land.

For healthy competitive athletes, however, the drive to achieve can be done safely. They can gradually push past their previous limits. If that sounds like you, let these pain caves serve as inspiration for your own your personal training space.

Cynthia, one of the owners of this pain cave, lost 45 pounds! She made it happen by swimming, running, and boxing at home. This Endless Pools Original pool features our Automatic Pool Cover (barely visible at the far end) with turnkey functionality for a clean look, humidity control, and safety. The pain-cave vibe comes courtesy of the organic shapes of the stonework finishing.

Why not strike a pose before your workout? This coach/athlete created a pain cave with cardio equipment and an aboveground Endless Pools High Performance pool in her garage. As she told us in an interview last year, her family of five all enjoy swimming at home. The convenience makes parking on the street well worth the bother. (Photo from @melissakinmartin_tri_keto_fit on Instagram)

The All-American Pain Cave! This split-level home gym features cardio and dumbbells on the mezzanine with a partially in-ground Endless Pools Performance pool below. Owned by a Pennsylvania couple (he swims, she's a runner who uses it for low-impact cross-training) they customized this model to 10-feet by 16-feet.

The Passion Fit studio offers no frills and lots of heart. As triathlon coach Tom Ward told us when the studio opened, he focuses more on personal empowerment than on podium finishes – though Team Passion Fit has had their share of both! This humble pain cave, with its Endless Pools Commercial pool, is where they build swimming skills and self-esteem. (Photo from @passionfituk on Instagram)

The StoneBrixiaMan extreme triathlon kicks off with a 2.4-mile swim. This Italian triathlete prepares for the race with the benefit of the Endless Pools swim current; it offers a remarkable simulation of real open-water conditions. This commercial studio also offers stationary bikes and, out of frame, treadmills, so he can do triathlon and transition training without leaving this pain cave. (Video from @teo__georgi on Instagram)

This Endless Pool is literally in a cave! Our Spanish dealer, TechnojetSwim, uses this installation for one-on-one swim coaching by elite triathlete Jose Santos. By permitting in-place swimming, the Endless Pool lets coaches get an unprecedented up-close view of every detail of a swimmer's stroke. (Video from @technojetswim on Instagram)

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