For Sale: The Castle of Park and its Pool

Modern convenience meets ancient architecture

Tour the castles of Scotland, and you can expect to see grand architecture covered with the dust of history itself. You might not expect to see a stunning, fully in-ground Endless Pools installation! It's not quite a mote, but a mote doesn't let you swim and train with your best workout buddy.

Inside this retractable pool enclosure, you get a gorgeous view after you and a loved one swim, workout, or play in this Endless Pools Dual Propulsion model. The enclosure was built with extra room for two lounge chairs in a color we're calling Castle Pink.

According to national records, the mansion was first build in 1292! Nearly 300 years later, it was rebuilt as what was called a "tower house," which is a stone residence designed to keep the inhabitants safe from attack. It was expanded later in both the 18th and 19th Centuries. In the 21st Century, they added a fully in-ground Endless Pools installation to the grounds!

A Pool for Two (or More)

The Dual Propulsion model boasts two of our Original adjustable currents. Positioned side-by-side and with independent controls, the twin currents let two people swim, workout, or train together. It's ideal for active couples, busy families, and maybe King and Queen triathletes.

Indoor pool or outdoor pool? With a retractable pool enclosure, you can benefit from both, with year-round access to Endless Pools swimming, fitness, and fun. Apparently, even castle-owners can appreciate a budget-friendly, space-saving backyard pool.

The Dual Propulsion pool offers fitness, therapy, and swimming options for two. (Our Aquabike and exclusive Underwater Treadmill would add to the workout versatility.) You get no-waiting activity as well as extra space to float the afternoon away or for your next pool party. It's an ideal choice for families that work hard and play hard.

This Endless Pools installation features a retractable pool enclosure. The pool enclosure opens up to create an outdoor pool when the weather is warm. And in less pleasant conditions, the pool enclosure provides protection with an open-air feel. It's a stylish, versatile solution for anyone craving the fun of an outdoor pool and the year-round access of an indoor pool.

Castle Living

As of this writing, the Castle of Park is for sale! As an article in the UK tabloid, The Sun, snarkily noted, its £1.5 million price tag puts it at about the same cost as a one-bedroom flat in some tonier sections of London. Serious inquiries on the castle can be made to the Knight Frank Group.

Castles of distinction deserves pools of distinction! Clearly, these grounds could fit a larger pool. But the Dual Propulsion pool saves space, conserves water and power, and can be maintained in just minutes a week. Why work harder when you have an entire castle to keep clean?

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