Pool Patio Ideas on a Budget

Inspiration and ideas to help your outdoor space to reach its highest potential!

A patio pool is a stellar way to transform your backyard into a top-notch space for entertaining. With a patio, you’ll have room to sit and hang out next to your pool, whether that’s with your family or guests.

Every outdoor space, no matter the shape or size, has incredible potential. Why let that go to waste? You can take initiative to make your backyard a little slice of paradise, right at home.

Plus, the backyard you’ve always wanted doesn’t necessarily come with an unreachable price tag. There are lots of ways to get the most for your money. Whether it’s for the pool or the patio itself, affordable options are out there for you.

Simplicity saves money. This Performance pool has been installed fully aboveground with a classic wood finish. With the reduced water, chemical, and energy use you get from every Endless Pools Original Series model, it's a price-smart way to enjoy swimming, fitness, and fun.

If you want to be sure that you stick to the budget you’ve set for yourself, Endless Pools has a lot of affordable models that would work well in a pool patio, while providing the smoothest, most enjoyable swim.

Why Get a Pool Patio

Getting a pool patio for your backyard is a wonderful way to make the whole space look inviting.

The patio can connect to the inside of your house. You get all the sunshine of the outdoors—though you could always choose to have your patio covered in the interest of shade –and no dirt!

No dirt next to the pool also means no mud and less mess. Concrete and stone are much more conducive to splashing.

With a pool patio, you don’t have to worry about leveling out the ground of your backyard in order to build your pool. The patio will be smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

A partially in-ground pool saves you money over a fully in-ground pool. Less excavation means lower costs, and you get a low-profile pool with the easiest access and bench seating on the pool's coping.

A flexible, cohesive entertaining space is exactly what every backyard needs, and that’s exactly what a pool patio brings to the table.

How to Save on Prices

One way to make sure you’re not spending too much money is to carefully consider the materials of both your pool and patio. Some may be more expensive than others, and size is another factor that can impact costs.

Endless Pools offers several customization options for dimensions, depth, and materials that can cut back the cost of your pool depending on what you choose.

You can select an affordable pool so that you have more wiggle room in your budget to add other landscaping features!

Spice up the space with some added décor such as fairy lights, a fire pit, a seating area, potted plants, and more – whatever you want to turn your pool patio into a great space for entertaining guests, even if it’s on a budget.

Patios and Our Pools

Endless Pools has a lot of affordable options that could help you stay within your pool patio budget. Our WaterWell® pool is our most affordable option; it comes without our signature current yet is easy to use for fitness and fun.

Our Streamline® pool is another model that comes at a lower price, and it also requires less maintenance. However, any of our models would work well with a pool patio, whether you want to build it above-ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground.

With a typical patio pool, however, you won’t have enough space to get in a good swim workout. With our signature current, you can swim endlessly without ever having to make a flip turn.

Our E500 swim spa lets you swim, workout, and unwind in hydromassage seats, all in one compact patio pool. Part of our Endless Pools Fitness Systems series, it saves space for entertaining and dining on this patio.

Suited for any location, indoor or outdoor, any Endless Pools model would be a perfect fit for you pool patio, and you can go through your options to see which one fits within your budget.

Whatever pool you choose, a pool patio will give you a more polished look to your backyard, and a great space to entertain.

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