Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

Take your backyard to the next level with an affordable pool!

Have you always wanted a pool in your backyard, but you’re worried about the expenses? Fortunately, if you do a little bit of research, you may just find a pool that fits both your backyard and your budget.

Sure, not every outdoor space is built to hold a pool, but as more and more options for compact pools enter the market, there are many more affordable choices. You’ll want to invest in a high-quality pool, too, so that you can get a lifetime of use out of it.

Here's a price-smart idea: These homeowners assembled their Endless Pools Original Series pool fully above-ground. For pool skirting, they chose affordable cedar shakes for their distinct look, durability, insulation, and moisture- and rot-resistance. They now get to swim, play, and relax in this attractive backyard pool on a budget!

Fortunately for you, there are budget-friendly, high-quality pools available. You just have to know where — and how – to look. Getting your dream backyard and dream pool has never been easier, or more affordable.

Affordable Pools

A lot of factors go into the cost of pools, from materials to labor. If you’re going to get a pool built in your home, you’re going to want it done right, whether that means getting the pool installed or researching how to do it yourself.

You can save a lot of money if you don’t add a lot of extra features to your pool, and you can also save by buying a smaller pool. They’re not only less money to purchase, but they’ll save money in the long run as compared to a traditional full-size model.

You can create the feeling of an in-ground pool without any excavation! To create this backyard pool on a budget, the homeowners installed it fully above ground, then built their deck to abut the pool on two sides! For affordable, durable finishing, they chose our Apex Coping in Summit Gray and our Ascent Skirting in Weathered Gray. Those are some smart pool hacks that saved money and look great!

There’s such a wide range of pool models to choose from. No matter what size or type of pool you’re looking for, you could very well find something within your budget, or at least a pool that’s closer than you might think.

Spice Up Your Space

If you’re going to buy a pool and take a step toward the backyard of your dreams, you don’t have to stop there. If you genuinely want to level up your backyard, there are plenty of ways to make an outdoor space look nice while sticking to your budget. DIY kits and instructions can help you set up patios, decks, shaded areas, and benches, if you don’t want to pay to have one built.

When your backyard is this small, you need a pool on a budget. Our compact Original pool fit the bill! Between Robin, Martin, and their two sons, the pool gets daily use for fitness and active family fun. They kept it simple, installing the pool fully above-ground, and preserved half of their cozy Bay Area backyard for seating and dining.

But if you don’t want to build anything, you can still spruce up your backyard with simple decorations! Some outdoor furniture, fairy lights, a hammock... all of these take next to no time to set up, and a little can be surprisingly transformative. You could even paint your fence a new color to brighten up the place!

There are so many ways to spice up a space, especially outdoors. Just by planting some flowers, you can make your budget backyard perfectly picturesque. Taking care of plants will also give you more of an excuse to go out and get that fresh air, just like a pool would!

Even if you’re not spending that much money, if you decorate with care, your backyard can look like a million bucks.

For a budget backyard pool, consider installing fully aboveground. This swim spa, part of affordable RecSport® Recreation Systems series, features our custom airless three-jet current. Set up simply on a concrete pad, it makes a versatile family pool for fitness, family fun hydromassage, and entertaining.

Endless Pools® on a Budget

Endless Pools offers a selection of elite and affordable pools. A popular model for those who wish to stick to a strict budget is the Streamline® pool, a compact pool with a relatively simple assembly process that still brings everything you’d want in a pool to the table—or in this case, the backyard.

Alexander uses his Performance pool for swimming, interval training and therapy. To enjoy it year roundin Upstate New York, he insulated the cabinet and surrounded it on three sides with this gazebo. Some simple outdoor curtains and string lights make an affordable, attractive environment, especially for a nighttime swim.

With many of our pools, you can customize the dimensions and the materials that will be used, which can help you control the cost. Play around with the Build Your Pool feature to see what your options are and what will work for you.

You shouldn’t have to settle for less than your dream backyard, even if you’re on a tight budget. By looking into your options, you never know what you’ll find or what great deals you may stumble upon. And for the backyard you’ve always wanted, it’s worth the trouble.

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